When it rains — and it’s been raining — it pours, but it also gives you a good excuse to get some hot ramen. Deco’s checking out a new spot in town that’s serving up warm bowls of love.

Get your slurp on! Hachidori Ramen Bar in Miami is finally open, and they couldn’t be more fired up about it.

Guillermo Paniza, Hachidori Ramen Bar: “Almost every day, we’ve had people come up to use, like, knocking on the door, asking, ‘Hey, are you guys open? When do you guys open?'”

This new restaurant is serving up tons of fun Japanese-inspired goodies like pork belly bao buns, spicy wings and umami sticky buns.

Guillermo Paniza: “We have a miso butter, and we put a little bit of furikake and honey on potato rolls that we use. It is a sweet bite, but the salt balances really well.”

Since “ramen” is part of their name, you know they’ve got plenty of that, too.

Guillermo Paniza: “Here at Hachidori Ramen, we have a ramen for everyone.”

Meet the OG. This is the restaurant’s signature dish, and it takes 24 hours of cooking time to get it just right.

Guillermo Paniza: “It’s a tonkotsu miso ramen. We leave it on a simmer at the end of the night.”

The extra cooking time means your broth will be packed with flavor.

Now it’s time to add the noodles and toppings. We’re talking eggs, pork belly, scallions, sprouts and chili oil.

Guillermo Paniza: “That first bite is the best bite, I think because you get all the flavors combined.”

Dana Rozansky, diner: “The broth is super fresh, really flavorful. It’s loaded. You have a ton of noodles. It’s authentic. It’s made with love. You can taste it.”

Hachidori even has a vegan ramen option on the menu. This one’s made with onions and mushrooms — and, of course, noodles.

Guillermo Paniza: “It’s actually very simple, but just the combination of flavors is unbelievable.”

With all this food, you’re gonna need something to wash it down with, so it’s a good thing this spot’s got an entire wall of sake.

Guillermo Paniza: “We want to be known as a restaurant that has really good sake and different types of sake.”

Because it’s not just about the food. This restaurant wants to serve you an experience.

Guillermo Paniza: “Once you’re in here, you become part of our family. We want you to leave happy, and the experience in Hachidori, hopefully, is one that you’re not gonna forget.”

Hachidori Noodle Bar
8222 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33138

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