Tomorrow is April 20th, better known as 4/20. That means it’s the day after April 19th. It’s also is the day folks with a sweet tooth dream about, because for one day only, you can get some of the craziest food combos.

Just say yes to Night Owl Cookies on April 20.

Andrew Gonzalez: “This is our 5th annual 420 series box. Every year, we create four unique, insane, out of the box creations. This year is going to top it.”

Ever since Night Owl baked up the idea for 420 cookies, they’ve been an annual must have.

Andrew Gonzalez: “Last year, we had about 250 guests waiting outside our doors an hour before we even opened.”

Usually, the flavors are limited. If you miss ’em, sorry, that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Andrew Gonzalez: “They are never on our menus. We drop our boxes on unique days. The previous was on 305, we’re in Miami, so of course, we had a 305 series. Now it’s 4/20, so it’s only right we drop a box.”

But this year, they’re doing a flavor flashback. Night Owl’s bringing back what customers have been craving.

Andrew Gonzalez: “Being this is our 5th year with four prior, we are picking our best cookies from those previous years. It’s our fan favorites edition.”

Vanessa Rodriguez: “I’m really excited. I was looking forward to this.”

Twenty bucks will get you some out of this world delicious cookies.

Andrew Gonzalez: “We have our Cosmic Brownie. It’s Night Owl’s take on the Cosmic Brownie we grew up with in the ’90s. It’s a layer of cookie dough, a layer of brownie, a layer of chocolate ganache. It is packed with flavor with every bite.”

Does it count as breakfast if a cookie has bacon on it?

Andrew Gonzalez: “The Wake n’ Bacon is that perfect mix of sweet and savory. You have the maple dough, you have the candied bacon nice and crunchy, you have the French toast cereal. Just together it has so much flavor. We have our Purple Haze. I am a huge doughnut fan. We are stuffing it in a cookie, dipping it in a ganache. It just blows up in flavor in your mouth.”

Pretty please with a cherry on top.

Andrew Gonzalez: “It is a chocolate dough marshmallow cream, sprinkled with hot fudge syrup and some rainbow sprinkles, and of course, it’s a sundae, so we had to top it with a little cherry on top.”

Vanessa Rodriguez: “Those are my favorite options. I think he out did himself. Everyone is going to be really happy.”

Night Owl’s only making 1,000 boxes. If you don’t get ’em this year…

Andrew Gonzalez: “You’re not going to be able to get your hands on these ever again. This is the last time we are bringing back the best of edition.”

You can pick up the limited series at all five Night Owls in South Florida or order for delivery on their app.

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