Nic’s New York Pizza serves up slices 2 feet long

Imagine spending as much as 20 bucks for a single slice of pizza… Unheard of! But once you see the size of the slice, it’s really not a question of the cost, but the best way to go about eating it.

Make no mistake. This isn’t actually a pizza pie — It’s a pizza slice. One slice, two feet.

Zoraida Bertolotti, Nic’s New York Pizza: “People ask me, they’re like, ‘How big is it?’ So I tell them, ‘Take your arm out, and it’s as long as your arm.'”

You can find these mouth-watering monstrosities at Nic’s New York Pizza in Hialeah, where Nic serves up classics like cheese and meat lover or specialties like the hangover with eggs or the black truffle.

Zoraida Bertolotti: “He puts the mushrooms, the ham and a little drizzle of the truffle oil, balancing the flavors.”

Nic, chef: “It’s more big than your face!”

We spotted some hungry customers eating their slices with forks and knives.

That’s all well and good, but it’s not the proper way.

Zoraida Bertolotti: “It’s the New York fold. You have to take your pizza, fold it, hold it and eat it.”

It’s the same technique, but different name in Italy…

Take it from Chef Nic himself, who’s the real deal.

Nic: “So the pizza — you flop, like a pizza portafoglio, in Italy. Portafoglio because like the wallet — you see, the wallet you close, so you call it a portafoglio. So you close the slice, and you eat it like that.”

That technique comes in handy if you take part in the two-foot challenge, which has already become a neighborhood event.

Zoraida Bertolotti: “We just have a lot of fun with it, you know? We’re all laughing in here, have the music on. Everybody just has a really good time.”

Good luck beating the current record of 7 minutes and 41 seconds, set by one of Hialeah’s finest.

Zoraida Bertolotti: “He ate it like if it was a little slice. ‘Cause he was on duty, he had a call and he ran out, and it was just like if it was nothing.”

Though you have more options than two-foot slices.

Roman Garcia, patron: “Today I had the meatball parm sub that the chef cooked up for me, and it was outstanding. “I come in for my Nic’s fix once a week at least.”

Cesar Munoz, patron: “The whole pizza is crunchy, but yet soft at the same time. As far as Florida pizza, this is the best you can get as far as Italy.”

Nic’s New York Pizza
158 Hialeah Dr.
Hialeah, FL 33010
(786) 655-0192