Nic’s New York Pizza in Hialeah is dishing out 3-foot long slices of pizza

How do you top a two-foot slice of pizza? Create a three-foot slice, of course. A popular spot in Hialeah is dishing out slices that are big enough to have their own ZIP codes. Hope you’re hungry!

We’re gonna need a bigger appetite.

The three-foot pizza slice is upon us at Nic’s New York Pizza in Hialeah.

We visited Nic’s a couple years ago to get a load of their two-foot slice.

Well now, they’ve really outdone themselves.

Zoraida Bertolotti, Nic’s New York Pizza: “Bigger is better! Everybody loves big.”

And these three-foot slices are so big, they need a specially-made wooden pizza pallet and to-go box to handle them!

Zoraida Bertolotti: “Come with an empty trunk because it’ll fit in your trunk. It won’t fit in your backseat.”

So what you’re saying is…

Roy Scheider (as Brody in “Jaws”): “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Eeeh? See how we came back around to the “Jaws” reference? Not bad, right?!

Ok, so anyway, size does matters, got it, but so does taste, and Chef Nic over here knows that, so whether it’s the Manhattan Cheese, Veggie Lover or Meat Lover, the flavor isn’t compromised.

Zoraida Bertolotti: “I don’t say it’s one of the best. It’s the best pizza in Miami. Once you taste it, you’re hooked to it. After you try it once, everybody keeps coming back.”

Last time we were here, Chef Nic said the two-foot slice was bigger than his face, so what’s that make the three-foot slice?

Nic Bertolotti, Nic’s New York Pizza: “The three feet is bigger than my legs.”

And the pizza is really something you gotta see in person — and taste — to believe.

Nic Bertolotti: “The first day I do one, I have a customer who says, ‘Wow, what is that?!’ I go, ‘Yeah, it’s the new pizza.’ ‘No, you’re crazy, Nic! You can’t do that! You want to kill us!'”

Death by pizza, there are certainly worse ways to go, but that’s also why it’s meant to share like it’s a super duper, extra large pizza.

Jacob Rojas, customer: “I do recommend it if you have more than four people. You cannot finish it by yourself. It’s amazing, but I’m sad I couldn’t finish it!”

Leftovers for days.

The three-foot slices start at $30.

Nic says he’s already thinking about creating a four-foot slice.


Nic’s New York Pizza
158 Hialeah Drive
Hialeah, FL 33010

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