They say misery loves company. In the new Hulu series “Nine Perfect Strangers”, there’s plenty to go around.

Nicole Kidman leads an all-star cast of characters who are trying to get to the root of their problems. That’s when they find out not everyone’s perfect.

Tiffany Boone (as Delilah): “Breakfast 7. Lunch noon. Dinner 7:30.”

Nicole Kidman (as Masha): “And how many guests are there?”

Tiffany Boone (as Delilah): “Nine total.”

Nine perfect strangers…

Luke Evans (as Lars): “Wellness retreats are such utter crap.”

Grace Van Patten (as Zoe): “And yet, here you are.”

Gathering at a health resort.

Melissa McCarthy: “They are all broken and they are all interesting.”

All hoping for some kind of healing…

Melissa McCarthy (as Francis): “I don’t want to suffer.”

Nicole Kidman (as Masha): “You are already suffering.”

Some wanna lose weight, others just wanna reboot on life.

But how far will they go to get their lives together?

Asher Keddie: “The writing bounces so well in between the characters, and it’s incredible ensemble writing.”

They’re not just doing yoga & swigging green juice…

Nicole Kidman (as Masha): “You wanna get well, you wanna heal.”

Nothing like digging your own grave, literally.

Nicole Kidman (as Masha): “I am gonna fix you.”

“Nine Perfect Strangers” is the brainchild of David E. Kelley. That’s Michelle Pfeiffer’s hubby.

The all-star cast led by Nicole Kidman says, Kelley has written a mind-blowing show.

Bobby Cannavale: “You’re just not going to be let down by the writing when you have David writing characters that are that much fun.”

Melissa McCarthy: “I just remember being like, ‘WHAT?’ Like saying things out loud while I was reading it like, this is insane.”

For ten days, the very different characters go to the brink and back to solve what ails them.

Melissa McCarthy (as Francis): “My vote is, give this thing a shot, open up a new door.”

Bobby Cannavale (as Tony): “Some doors are meant to stay closed.”

The cast swears you’ll be done in by the drama.

If not, take two tablets and call me in the morning. Better yet, call Lynn.

Melissa and Bobby, who by the way is from South Florida, make a great team.

“Nine Perfect Strangers” is the fourth time they’ve worked together.

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