Nicolas Cage’s latest film finds him playing the man of many people’s dreams. He stars in the new comedy “Dream Scenario.”

We spoke to the actor about playing a unique character for him and how “Nicolas Cage memes” helped him relate to it.

If you dream it, he will come.

Nic Cage keeps showing up in everyone’s dreams in “Dream Scenario.”

Nicolas Cage: “So when I read this script, ‘Dream Scenario,’ I thought, ‘Well, I think I understand what Paul feels like, I’ll just apply those feelings towards this character.'”

Nic has no idea why it’s happening, but that’s not stopping him from going viral.

Oh he knows all about that. Thanks to his real life experience with the “Nicolas Cage memes,” which were popular about 14 years ago.

Nicolas Cage: “I went through my own experience with the internet and meme-ification and as a result of that video, ‘Nicolas Cage loses his crap’ or whatever, it started growing exponentially and compounding on itself. So there were feelings of confusion, frustration, stimulation, I was all of the above.

Popularity aside, Nic enjoyed shooting the film and hopes the audience sees it in his body of work.

Nic Cage: “I want to get to the truth of the character. Hopefully, some sort of catharsis with my own life experience so that when you go to the picture, you’re seeing something genuine.”

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