Nick Cannon can do it all: He can act, he can dance, and — we already know this — he will host the heck out of any show you throw at him.

And starting this week, he’s got a brand new one: An hour-long talk show right here on 7!

Now, we turn over to The Three-Minute Alex Miranda Show.

The second Nick shot out of a cannon into superstardom, there has been no turning back, especially for shiny shoes.

But the man who’s done it all couldn’t really say he had his own show, until now.

These days, you probably know Nick Cannon best…

Nick Cannon: “So how much fun did you have as Mother Nature?”

…as host of “The Masked Singer,” right here on Channel 7!

But now he’s taking his many talents to a new stage!

Alex Miranda: “Is anybody going to be taking anything off on the Nick Cannon talk show?

Nick Cannon: “Hey, you never know!”

Alex Miranda: “Talk about an experience, right?!”

Nick Cannon: “Add a fire pole and let people know it can go down!”

And Nick tells me, Nick Cannon, the show….

Clip: “The only people I trust are ones with big butts… because they cannot lie.”

…isn’t just for those same ol’ predictable interviews.

Alex Miranda: “Get prepared, right? Like, you have your little thing you want to talk about, but we’re going to do this.”

Nick Cannon: “All day. It’s cool if you want to come here and promote and all of that, but when you come here you’re definitely going to have an experience like no other.”

Take SNL star Keenan Thompson as an example.

Nick Cannon: “What type of women am I obsessed with?”

Keenan Thompson: “I have to say famous women, I think…”

Nick Cannon: “Famous older women! Put them together!”

Keenan Thompson: “Put them together!”

Or this sassy food delivery guy…

Nick Cannon: “What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever said during the day?”

Mos: “You know what’s on the menu? Me N U.”

Alex Miranda: “And even the theme song, right?”

Nick Cannon (singing): “No more stress… No more sad songs…”

Alex Miranda: “And I’m like, this just makes me happy. It’s very positive.”

Nick Cannon: “It’s just refreshing to turn on the television and see someone having a good time.”

And with all the hosting this one man has done, like on “Wild ‘n Out…”

Nick Cannon: “We about to pass out up in here, DJ D-Wreck.”

And even as a guest host on “The Wendy Williams Show”…

Nick Cannon: “I’m going to have to drink the tea while I’m talkin’ about the tea; it’s Hot Topics, y’all!”

It’s hard to believe he hadn’t already done this!

Alex Miranda: “I’ve been waiting for this move from you forever.”

Nick Cannon: “It’s always been a dream of mine. And to actually get here, it’s a dream come true.”

“The Nick Cannon Show” airs here on 7, at 1 in the afternoon.

That’s right at lunchtime, or a fashionably late breakfast.

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