Nia Long and Omar Epps dish about experience filming ‘Fatal Affair’

(WSVN) - Have you ever been totally obsessed with someone? To the point where you subscribe to their post and story updates on Instagram?! In the new Netflix thriller “Fatal Affair,” Nia Long’s character isn’t tagging her location anymore.

Nia Long as Ellie Warren in “Fatal Affair”: “David, hi. It’s been a long time.”

Omar Epps as David Hammond in “Fatal Affair”: “20 years. We should catch up.”

The title explains it all: don’t cheat on your spouse!

Omar Epps as David Hammond in “Fatal Affair”: “We were meant to be together.”

Nia Long as Ellie Warren in “Fatal Affair”: “Everything he’s done has all been to get to me.”

Nia Long, whose character slips up one night with an old friend who turns out to be a total psycho, played by Omar Epps, also produced the movie.

Nia Long: “There were moments when I definitely felt overwhelmed and would even look at Omar and say, ‘Can you please just do this one, take this one for me, just take this one for me. Please handle this one for me.'”

But the obsessions on the set weren’t only in the script.

Alex Miranda: “What would you say is the thing that the two of you are the most obsessed with about the other?”

Nia Long: “He listens, he has fantastic ideas, and we’re both from Brooklyn, so that in itself if enough for me.”

Omar Epps: “You just never really know where someone actually stands, and Nia is just going to shoot it straight to you, and you can either take it or you can’t, and I enjoy watching her tell people how she feels.”

“Fatal Affair” also asks the uncomfortable question: is what you wanted 20 years ago still what you want today?

Nia Long as Ellie Warren in “Fatal Affair”: “I do have the perfect life. But, you know, one day you wake up and the person sleeping next to you feels like a complete stranger.”

Alex Miranda: “When you think back on what you wanted out of life, compare that to now. How different are the two of those things? I mean, I imagine that you are very satisfied.”

Nia Long: “I never thought that I’d have the career that I have. I knew I wanted to be an actor. I knew I was willing to work hard. My goal now, considering where we are in the world, is to continue representing black women in a real way.”

She’s done that her entire career, including alongside Omar in 2004’s “Alfie.”

Omar Epps: “Nia and I just work so well together. We just know how to dance well together.”

Nia Long: “We’re always on the same page. Our instincts are very much in alignment.”

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