New York pizza pop-up comes to Wynwood

It’s practically the weekend and we could sure go for a pizza party. And we’re talking about authentic New York pizza … the good stuff. Go ahead, treat yo-self. Wynwood’s got a new pizza place that’s dishing out the real deal.

Carlo Mirarchi, chef: “We’re bringing our version of New York, Neopolitan-style pizza here to Miami.”

Oh, how we’re thankful for that.

Roberta’s Pizza has arrived in the 305. They do pizza the right way.

Carlo Mirarchi: “We make everything here. We make our own dough, we make our own mozzarella, we make our own sauce — everything.”

Hailing from Brooklyn, Roberta’s has set up shop as a pop-up in Wynwood.

You can find them among the food trucks in Jungle Plaza.

They’ve brought not only the quality, but the name recognition with ’em.

Johnny Lederer: “I’ve followed Roberta’s probably for a few years … remember going there in Brooklyn years ago.”

Roberta’s is keeping things simple with the menu here — four of their most popular, personal-sized pies.

There’s the Margherita and Famous Original, along with The White Guy…

Carlo Mirarchi: “Ricotta and mozzarella — kind of a classic white pie.”

…and Bee Sting.

Carlo Mirarchi: “It’s with spicy honey, soppressata and mozzarella.”

Johnny Lederer: “I’ve had it on their menu before. I guess I went for the nostalgic choice.”

Mahnaz Rashti: “It has a little bit of a sweet taste to it. It has honey on the top. It’s delicious.”

All of the pizzas are cooked almost instantaneously in a super hot wood oven.

Hey — we told you this is the real deal.

Carlo Mirarchi: “With our wood oven down here, we’re getting a really nice char, a really nice, smokey flavor on all the pies.”

Don’t miss out on this deliciousness.

The Roberta’s pop-up is keeping us company only through April.

Johnny Lederer: “It’s exciting to have new things come into Miami and breathe life into the area and this neighborhood.”

Mahnaz Rashti: “I highly recommend everybody try it, for sure.”


Roberta’s Pizza

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