A New York favorite has migrated south to Miami! Not your uncle Harold or your in-laws. Although, they’ll probably retire here at some point. A Korean steakhouse has brought its tastes to the 305 with a brand new location. Lucky us!

Cote Korean Steakhouse in the Design District is more than meats the eye.

Simon Kim, owner: “It marries the fun and fire of a Korean barbecue restaurant with American classic steakhouse, where beef is king.”

Cote definitely gives beef the royal treatment.

Check out the dry aging room.

Simon Kim: “We only serve the highest grade, which is A5 Wagyu.”

And the meat is cooked right at your table!

The restaurant is also making a Korean staple in-house: Kimchi, which is like pickled vegetables.

David Shim, executive chef: “I’m gonna welcome you to our fermentation lab. Not a lot of people get to enter this room.”

We’re honored to be here.

David Shim: “This is where all the magic happens. Magic in the sense that we transform our seasonal, local vegetables that we have on our menu to a different form.”

That’s all great, but you’re probably gonna wanna wash your meal down with some wine. Cote has you covered.

Victoria James, beverage director: “We have bottles going back 150 years. For example, we have an 1870 Madeira here, so a little bit of age! We also have another incredibly rare wine called Essencia. This is actually served by the spoon.”

I wanna be spoon-fed wine!

Victoria James: “And that’s just a few bottles from our 1,200 collection.”

Cote already seems to be making a good first impression.

Christopher Madden, customer: “There’s not too many places where you can get good service and good food. I’m grateful Miami, the Design District, has a place to come and eat some great food.”

The restaurant’s success really just boils down to basic math.

Simon Kim: “It’s a pretty simple formula. I can actually explain this in emojis. Meat plus fire plus booze equals smile. It’s a simple mantra.”


Cote Korean Steakhouse
3900 NE Second Ave.
Miami, FL 33137

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