New ‘Sleepy Hollow’ cast member talks about new character

A lot has changed on “Sleepy Hollow” this season. The show is set in a new city, and almost the entire cast is brand-new. Tonight, meet one of those newbies, a strong woman whose character doesn’t exactly believe in the supernatural.

Janina Gavankar (as Diana Thomas): “Demons don’t exist.”

Tom Mison (as Ichabod Crane): “Well, that’s precisely what it was: a demon.”

Janina Gavankar (as Diana Thomas): “That’s impossible.

Tom Mison (as Ichabod Crane): “Demon, fowls.”

Janina Gavankar (as Diana Thomas): “You’re crazy.”

“Sleepy Hollow” isn’t just set in a new city, Washington, D.C. It’s introducing a host of new characters, too.

Don’t worry. Our favorite Renaissance man — Ichabod Crane, played by Tom Mison — is still front and center.

Tom Mison: “Crane is still baffled by the modern world, and there will still be plenty of monsters, and there will still be a bad evil for Ichabod and the new team to chase after.”

Crane is still trying to make sense of losing his partner and friend, Abbie Mills.

Tom Mison: “His only comfort zone in the modern world was Abbie, and now that she’s gone, he has to find himself again. Not only that, but find himself in a new city, and with new people around him.”

One of those new people? Actress Janina Gavankar, who plays a skilled agent and former Marine.

Janina Gavankar: “I play Agent Diana Thomas. She’s an agent for the Department of Homeland Security, and she’s also a mother.”

Agent Thomas, who has to partner up with Crane, doesn’t exactly believe in the supernatural.

Janina Gavankar: “Imagine being a mom, and then learning that witches and demons exist. That’s a lot to process for her.”

Also hard to process, Gavankar didn’t exactly have to audition to join the cast of the show.

Janina Gavankar: “I got the call from the producers of the show to join, and that’s like a dream call to get even once in your career.”

The actress has a lot of TV experience, working on shows like HBO’s “True Blood.”

But that’s not all. She’s also an accomplished musician and singer, releasing “Waiting for Godot” under former “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson’s record label.

Her latest single, “Don’t Look Down” was created to incite conversation about arts and education in the U.S.

In the meantime, Gavankar is busy singing a different kind of tune.

Janina Gavankar: “I have a large sense of gratitude for just being able to walk into such a beautiful show.”

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