Tonight, after saying goodnight to Deco, don’t reach for the remote. That’s because Mondays on 7 are getting more thrilling than ever. From a city dealing with monsters, to a monster dealing with his family, here’s a sneak peek at the shows premiering tonight.

Robin Lord Taylor (as Oswald Cobblepot): “My name is Oswald Cobblepot, and I was there the night those creatures broke out of Indian Hill. I saw them.”

Something evil is looming in this mad, mad city.

Right after Deco, “Gotham” is back with its season three premiere.

Ben McKenzie: “This year, we see the monsters unleash on the city of Gotham.”

Ben McKenzie is Detective James Gordon, a bounty hunter tracking the monsters down.

Ben McKenzie: “What’s fun about being the bounty hunter is you actually get to be a little rougher around the edges, he gets to sport some facial hair, wear a leather jacket. You know, be the bad boy.”

And speaking of bad, Jada Pinkett Smith’s character Fish Mooney will be around this season as well.

Ben McKenzie: “She’s doing really well, and Fish Mooney is such a dynamic character. It’s a treat to have her back.”

Robin Lord Taylor (as Oswald Cobblepot): “If you love your family, if you love your children, find Fish Mooney.”

At 9 p.m. you’re not done with 7 just yet.

Tim Ellis (as Lucifer Morningstar): “Someone’s escaped from hell.”

D. B. Woodside (as Amenadiel): “Lucifer, who escaped hell?”

Tim Ellis (as Lucifer Morningstar): “Mom.”

Lucifer is back with season two.

Tom Ellis: “We left the end of the last season with news that mom had escaped hell, and this seemed quite ominous for Lucifer, and we learn why on the first episode.”

Tom Ellis, aka the guy who plays Lucifer, says his character is dealing with some mommy issues.

Tom Ellis: “He’s got a lot of unfinished business with his mother, and I think, like most people, he’s a little bit terrified of his own mom and what she’s capable of.”

Best part — we get to meet mom, too.

Tom Ellis: “One of the things that I loved about this concept is that Mom is a celestial being who doesn’t have a human form, so she’s had to take a human form. And the one she settles in is a rather hot woman, which as you can imagine, Lucifer finds quite unnerving.”

Can’t wait to see what she looks like — and what she can do.

Tom Ellis: “I can’t tell you anything else. Otherwise they’ll kill me.”

“Gotham” and “Lucifer” follow Deco, right here on 7.

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