Because of COVID-19, social distancing is now the norm. While we are doing our best to stay away from each other, some restaurants have decided to come together in a very interesting way.

There are new places to eat popping up all over town, and they’re in very familiar locations.

Chew on this: Bob’s Your Uncle, a neighborhood bar in North Beach, and Cheeseburger Baby, a SoFlo comfort food staple, are joining forces.

David Sexton: “I’m super happy about it.”

You can now pop into Cheeseburger Baby at Bob’s Your Uncle’s pop-up.

Stephanie Vitori, owner, Cheeseburger Baby: “You’ve got your local favorite bar and your local favorite burger joint.”

COVID-19’s pandemic protocols hit the restaurant industry hard, so these two South Florida hot spots teamed up to create something special.

Danielle Savin, co-owner, Bob’s Your Uncle: “It was a nice marriage, especially coming together during these challenging times, so you kind of have to look for new ways to reinvent yourself.”

Cheeseburger Baby at Bob’s Your Uncle is raising the bar.

Stephanie Vitori: “The pop-up is good because I always believe that bars do need some type of food, but I believe bar food is burgers, wings, fries, onion rings, chicken tenders. Those are your bar foods.”

This pop-up is a match made in food heaven.

David Sexton: “Cheeseburger Baby made so much sense because it jived perfectly with the essence of what Bob is, which is no-nonsense, fun, easygoing. And the food is delicious.”

Here is something to “taco” about. Naan Indian Eats has popped up inside Taquiza on South Beach.

Camila Mejia, customer: “Naan is delicious.”

Alexander Lipin, Naan Indian Eats: “Naan Indian Eats is a fast casual Indian restaurant in South Beach, here at Taquiza’s home.”

Because of COVID, business at this tasty taco spot’s SoBe location had gone south, so having Naan take over temporarily was a win-win.

Steve Santana, Taquiza: “Our friends that we know were thinking of trying this concept out, and we just had a restaurant dead, quiet, asleep, so we just told them that they can have at it and give it a shot.”

If an Indian restaurant popping up inside a taquería sounds like culinary confusion, don’t worry. They aren’t making tacos in the traditional tandoor oven. Naan only serves authentic Indian food.

Alexander Lipin: “Definitely different foods. We did have to change up a bit from the set-up to the approach to even the guests who are coming in.”

This is a flavorful friendship that works.

Camila Mejia: “I think it was genius. I think they were able to do the research and see what it is that Miami, South Beach was missing for a quick bite that didn’t have to lack any flavor.”

Taquiza’s North Beach location is still serving those yummy tacos.


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