A new theater production promises to take you to another time and place. “Wynwood Stories” is a wild ride to the early days of one of Miami’s hippest neighborhoods. Resident hipster Chris Van Vliet is here with all the details.

We know Wynwood for its nightlife, and of course, its art scene, but the history of Wynwood runs way deeper than most people think. A new play offers a look back to before the streets were clogged with tourists and before Wynwood Walls was a thing.

Wynwood has become a hotspot for entertainment and the arts, but the Miami neighborhood goes back. Way back.

Chat Atkins (as Resident): “I come to Miami when I was a little boy.”

“Wynwood Stories” gives new life to one of Miami’s most iconic neighborhoods. The production kicks off Tuesday at The Wynwood Yard.

Tanya Bravo, executive artistic director, Juggerknot Theatre Company: “It’s about the history of Wynwood and a lot of communities that people are not aware of that existed here.”

No stuffy theater seats here. Guests walk from scene to scene and get a glimpse into the past.

Tanya Bravo: “The moment that you enter the space, you’re in the play. It’s very active. It’s not a passive form of watching theater.”

Angelina Lopez Catledge (as Cuban Seamstress): “¡Nosotros tenemos que hacer algo! We have to do something! ¡Los cubanos sí!”

One scene takes you back to the 1950s.

Angelina Lopez Catledge: “I am a Cuban seamstress. I represent all the Cuban seamstresses who came to this area after 1959.”

Tanya Bravo: “As we progress, everywhere you look, there’s echoes of the past, and history is very important.”

Chat Atkins (as Resident): “Now the building was empty, closed. Raccoons lived in there.”

The show also explores the history of Wynwood landmarks like the art gallery The Bakehouse.

Tanya Bravo: “We’re also going to be talking about the time when there was a bakery here, the American Bakery, and also the RC Cola plant. A lot of different characters. There’s over 11 actors in the play, and each one represents a community that existed here.”

Gregg Weiner: “This is a story of how art can change a neighborhood.”

Wynwood’s story would not be complete without the developers who made the area what it is today. This is one story that’s still being told.

Tanya Bravo: “It’s a flourishing art community right now. There’s a lot of people that lived here before, and so we want to honor all of them.”

“Wynwood Stories” runs through May 4 at The Wynwood Yard. Tickets are $75.

Wynwood Stories
The Wynwood Yard
56 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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