Gunther the millionaire dog is larger than life, and he’s coming to the small screen thanks to Netflix’s new series “Gunther’s Millions.” When people say pets are expensive, they aren’t kidding. Very much so in this case. When it comes to Gunther the millionaire he’s one pup with some high end taste. Netflix’s new series explores how he inherited a ton of cash and a few humans who care for him.

You might remember the world’s richest dog, Gunther VI, and if you don’t, Gunther doesn’t care.

The pampered pooch was left a fortune by his late owner in 1992.

Gunther, with the help of his staff of humans, bought Madonna’s old Miami mansion back in 2000 and used to sleep in Madonna’s bedroom. That’s some dog house.

These days, the Gunther you’re meeting is the great grandson of the dog who slept on Madonna’s bed, and Gunther VI now has his own docuseries on Netflix.

Aurelien Leturgie: “‘Gunther’s Millions’ is truly an eccentric and very busy story that feels larger than life, and it really sounds like a fairy tale.”

Directors, Aurelien Leturgie and Emillie Dumay say audiences are in for a wild ride.

Miami’s Lee Dahlberg worked with Gunther for two decades.

Lee Dahlberg: “For the last 23 years, I’ve been the spokesperson for the richest dog in the world. It was my job to explain to the press in multiple languages that I don’t even speak why a dog needs a blank.”

That’s something you don’t learn in school.

Lee Dahlberg: “It’s the wildest ride of my life, and I don’t even know every aspect of what I’m about to learn.”

Gunther needed Lee because he’s a pup with expensive taste.

Aurelien Leturgie: “You have Gunther, the richest dog in the world, it’s about his wealth, his lavish lifestyle and his glamourous entourage, but you know, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye.”

And things get a little weird when Gunther’s caretaker Maurizio wanted more.

Dare I say, the scene at Casa de Gunther managed to get freakier.

People wondered if the Gunther story was legit.

You can decide what’s real or not, but it just goes to show, a story this crazy could only come from South Florida.

Emillie Dumay: “There’s amazing characters. The characters are really larger than life, but I hope they stay and also enjoy the journey.”

“Gunther’s Millions” streams on Netflix starting tomorrow.

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