New Japanese and Peruvian restaurant opens first US location in Brickell

A blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines has come to the 305!

A new dining experience in Brickell wants to introduce our taste buds to something unique.

The restaurant is popular in Latin America and just opened its first U.S. location in Miami.

Osaka Nikkei Miami isn’t the kind of place you go simply for a meal.

Pepe Guzman, Osaka Nikkei Miami: “We don’t sell a product or a drink. We sell an experience. Every dish in itself has to be an experience.”

That experience has already been throughout Latin America.

Now it’s arrived in Brickell, Osaka’s first location in the States.

Pepe Guzman: “Osaka is a concept that is born from the passion from dining out and learning the Japanese and Peruvian culture. Our cuisine is to challenge your palate, to challenge what you already know and take you a step above.”

Their cocktails aren’t only legit, they’re straight fire, like the “Mister Osaka.”

Brittany Mason, customer: “I had the most delightful smoky cocktail. It was so good. The presentation was beautiful.”

There’s also a spin on a Pisco sour with a special ice cube.

Pepe Guzman: “This ice is a combination of chicha morada and merlot. Every single sip that you take is gonna be different because the dilution of the ice is gonna deliver more of the flavors of the merlot and chicha morada.”

You can start with some lighter bites and a giant Omakase, which you definitely have to share in between photo ops.

Brittany Mason: “The sushi platter was so Instagrammable! It was delicious, it was a great opportunity to try a variety of sushi.”

Meanwhile, the raw bar is serving up “Carpassion,” a dish featuring thinly sliced salmon belly.

Pepe Guzman: “Throughout all the countries we’re in, it’s an all-time favorite.”

The “Mariscos al Fuego” literally means “seafood on fire.”

Pepe Guzman: “This is basically a mixture of scallops, shrimp and octopus.”

Claudia Pinto, customer: “I think everything’s seasoned to perfection. It’s really fresh, and it’s just an experience that everyone must have. It’s great.”

They’ve also got some nice outdoor seating.

Osaka Nikkei Miami
1300 Brickell Bay Drive
Miami, FL 33131

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