New ‘glass hair’ trend gives hair glossy, polished look

Well you’ve heard of the bowl cut. Now comes glass hair. The main difference is it’s not embarrassing, and A-listers are doing it, which means the rest of us will be following suit if you want to. Lucky for us, there’s a place in the 305 that does the trick.

Celebrities are being blunt about a hair trend that Edward Scissorhands himself would have a little trouble perfecting.

Kathy Baker (as Joyce): “That was the single most thrilling experience of my whole life.”

Stars like Kelly Rowland, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, and Vanessa Hudgens are thrilled with the style known as “glass hair.”

The daring do is a perfectly polished look with a razor sharp edge.

Nick Stenson, who styles the hair of Vanessa Hudgens, says it’s a big trend this season.

Nick Stenson, hairstylist: “It’s beautiful, it’s polished, it’s sophisticated, so it’s definitely a trend that is very current right now. But like all trends, they come and go, so this one is hot right now.”

Now the wave has made its way to South Florida.

We hit Midtown Cuts in Miami, where they gave us the lowdown.

Johanna Daizy Morales, hairstylist: “Actually, not a new trend. It’s just been revamped. It was actually known as a ‘silk press’ and used a lot in 1960. But Kim K. is rocking that short, very blunt bob, and it’s so silky and shiny, and everyone wants to have that look right now.”

But as Kim Kardashian knows, just like any good selfie, this is all about being fun and flawless.

Johanna Daizy Morales: “It’s fun, it’s short and it’s hot here in South Florida, so sometimes we just need something that’s going to stay looking flawless to the end of the week.”

What makes this look so sharp is its glossy finish, but what makes it even better is it’s easy to achieve.

Just try heating things up by first flat ironing your hair from root to tip.

Then use a little spritz to smooth things out.

Johanna Daizy Morales: “Use the proper products to keep the humidity out, keeping it very flat, very silky and giving it a glass effect.”

And voila!

Johanna Daizy Morales: “It’s very elegant. It can also be trendy or sporty just depending on how you want to look, how you accessorize it and what your outfit looks like.”

So ladies, if you’re looking for a clear cut change, mirror this style and come out shining.

Johanna Daizy Morales: “You can have it in the office, grab your purse, head over to happy hour with your girls.”

The style is also given major props for being versatile with all ethnicities and hair types.


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