The number 27 looms large in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. A number of famous musicians have passed away at that early age. A Fort Lauderdale bar is keeping their memories alive with cocktails named in their honor.

Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix … they’re all hanging out together at 27 Bar and Lounge in Fort Lauderdale’s Flagler Village.

Tayler Scharg, owner: “27 Bar and Lounge is based off every musician who died at the age of 27. We’re here embracing them.”

While these artists may have left this Earth much too young, nothing about the bar is a downer.

Their spirits keep the place jumping.

Tayler Scharg: “We’re not celebrating that they’ve died or anything but remembering the rock ‘n’ roll history and the art history.”

The bar is a virtual shrine to those who have knocked on heaven’s door.

A huge mural of recognizable faces adorns one wall. Photos of the famous line the ceiling. And even cult figures like blues legend Robert Johnson, Rolling Stones founder, Brian Jones, and original Grateful Dead member, Pigpen, get their due.

Tayler Scharg: “It’s about the art and the music. The ambiance — that’s what it’s based off of.”

The cocktails go a long way to help create the right vibe.

How can they not, with names like Foxy Lady, Start Me Up and Light My Fire.

Don’t go looking for any hidden meaning in the drinks — the ingredients don’t really reflect the personalities of the artists.

Like the music, they’re meant to make you feel good.

You can sip and chow down on some bar bites in the outdoor beer garden.

The idea for 27 has been a long time coming.

Tayler Scharg: “I came up with the concept in college. I had a project doing a record store/bar. I just ran with it since being into music. I love my records and vintage records. I was so shook by how many people died at the age of 27.”

At 27 Bar and Lounge, you can celebrate the people who got your musical mojo working.

We know they’d definitely approve.

Guest 1: “I think this place is awesome. I’m a huge Janis Joplin fan. I’m a big classic rock fan. That mixed with these awesome cocktails is the best.”

27 Bar and Lounge
835 NE 3rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(954) 257-0026

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