With Pride happening this week, drag shows are the hottest ticket in town, but we found two fun new drag nights that’ll continue on way past Pride.

For more, let’s go to Alex Miranda, whose drag name is Alexa Mirandy. Well, Alexa, are you randy?

You might think drag shows are all just Britney Spears and Beyoncé playlists, but two drag nights we found are thinking way outside the box. One is all ’80s; the other is a Latin escándalo.

Dinner, a show, and…

Chachita Rubio, drag performer: “A little bit of cha-cha-cha.”

That’s what you get at R House Wynwood’s new Saturday night party.

Chachita Rubio: “But, with a Latin twist.”

“Escándalo” is hosted by Dominican diva Chachita Rubio.

Chachita Rubio: “Even if you are not Latin, whatever you are, you’re going to start to feel the drums.”

Right when you walk in the door, at 6:30 p.m.

Rocco Carulli, R House Wynwood: “People have said this place has the best vibe ever.”

Live music doesn’t hurt, either.

Rocco Carulli: “The first week we did it, I was like, ‘Wow, look. There’s gay couples dancing salsa to a live band. I never get to see this.'”

And let’s talk menu!

Rocco Carulli: “Peruvian chicken, carne asada, we have empanadas.”

Then, starting at 10, it’s bottomless drinks for two hours.

Rocco Carulli: “We do have a limit on it, so it won’t be like all night long.”

And, it wouldn’t be R House without a little…

Morphine Love, drag performer: “Hip, shimmy moment.”

Morphine love taught me this crowd-pleaser, and the drag queen windmill.

But, rule number one: never upstage a diva.

There’s more on the menu at one Taco Tuesday in Coral Gables.

Karla Croqueta, drag performer: “Live music, burlesque, pole dancing, a little bit of acrobatics.”

Sure, Coyo Taco is an unusual spot for an 9 p.m. ’80’s drag night.

Karla Croqueta: “Are y’all ready for a show tonight, everybody?”

But, I don’t know, isn’t that also just … perfect?

Karla Croqueta: “Having food, drinks and drag in the same place are a recipe for a disaster, which is so much fun on a Tuesday night.”

By the way, it’s not right in that space you walk right on Giralda Avenue.

Karla Croqueta: “It’s in a dark little hidden corner, so it kinda feels like a naughty secret.”

It’s more than just speakeasy vibes at this back room bar.

Karla Croqueta: “Some of our costumes resemble the ’80s, and we have throwback cocktails.”

And, of course, ’80s music.

Jorge Zambrano, customer: “The ’80s vibe is all about the dancing, so I’m here to have a good time, groove. I love that.”

You don’t need a reservation for dinner at R House, and same with Coyo Taco.

R House Wynwood
2727 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33129

Coyo Taco
126 Giralda Ave.
Coral Gables, FL 33134

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