When you think of dolphin skin, usually our favorite aquatic friends come to mind.

Until now.

Dolphin skin is something makeup lovers are flipping over.

Don’t freak out, no mammals were used.

Face it…

The latest look in makeup is all about shimmer and shine.

So why not dive into the dolphin skin trend?

Genesis Sensat (A Glow of Satisfaction): “The features of dolphin skin is basically glowing in all the right places. It’s kind of like wanting to have a wet, hydrated look without having too much on the skin.”

This one lives up to its namesake.

Genesis from GS Beauty uses the dolphin skin trend to make faces dewey and plump in all the right places.

Genesis: “The dolphin skin actually mimics dolphin-like skin very well. The name comes from it looking like wet skin, but you don’t want to look too oily or too greasy. Dolphin makeup is honestly for all skin types.”

Dolphin skin is a celeb fav.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Hailey Bieber, and Jeannie Mai Jenkins have been spotted looking shiny and bright.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins (A Bright Idea): “I love it. You want things to have the dewy glow so that it just gives you this feeling of like, fresh out of the steam shower, and everything is just like super luminous.”

The magic starts under your makeup.

Genesis: “This makeup look is mainly primers and the moisturizers, and on top of that is your foundation.”

Model with makeup: “The skin feels very hydrated and moisturized.”

Shimmer is a must.

Genesis: “We use liquid blush as opposed to powder so that it can continue to give us that youthful, wet look that we are looking for. Next comes highlighter, and we also want to use a liquid form for this. We want to continue to look, you know, wet and highlighted.”

Setting spray lets you set it and forget it.

Genesis: “With this look you want to have a shimmery setting spray because it adds to our finished look.”

Once you’re lustrous, you’re ready for any eye shadow, lip gloss and to hit the town.

Genesis: “What goes best with the dolphin skin look on the eyes is maybe just a little pop of shimmer.”

Model with makeup: “It makes my skin look like there’s always light beaming off of my skin. It’s very bright, very radiant.”

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