Who doesn’t love to overhear some juicy gossip?

Like, what Michelle was wearing to Daniel’s wedding last summer, but the tea gets a little too hot for Zoe Kravitz.

In the new thriller “Kimi,” Zoe Kravitz plays a tech worker who accidentally listens in on a serious crime.

Aww, the smart home device, gotta love it.

Well, except in the hypothetical when, let’s say, it’s your job to listen to people’s streams.

Zoe Kravitz: “And fixing any miscommunications or slang that the Kimi device doesn’t understand.”

But then you accidentally hear, I don’t know, a murder?!

That’s what happens in the new crime-thriller “Kimi,” starring Zoe Kravitz as tech worker Angela, who reports the violent crime but is met with resistance and good old fashioned bureaucracy.

But here’s the twist: Angela is agoraphobic.

Meaning, she is terrified of being out in public spaces, but to seek justice, she knows she’s gotta leave her apartment.

Even worse: the movie takes place during the covid pandemic.

Zoe Kravitz: “She’s also afraid of what might be in the outside world, germs. She’s constantly using hand sanitizer.”

But Zoey says this actually helped inform even the look of her character!

Zoe Kravitz: “Because Angela doesn’t leave her home, I was trying to think of what people do when they’re in solitude.”

Now, here’s where many of us can relate after living in quarantine — not that we all bought blue hair dye.

Zoe Kravitz: “So many of my friends and people were dying their hair and cutting their bangs.”

Or having mental breakdowns, you know, the usual.

Zoe Kravitz: “Out of boredom, out of anxiety. To feel control of something or to feel some kind of change.”

And when Angela’s forced out of her comfort zone, well, you can tell! Girl looks really uncomfortable.

Zoe Kravitz: “I had this idea to not move my arms when I walk. It actually makes a big difference, it looks very strange.”

Will she get to the bottom of this mystery? Find out when “Kimi” starts streaming on HBO Max Thursday.

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