Convenience is key, especially during COVID. Now, a personal chef in Miami is just a touch away. No need to cook up a storm in the kitchen or make reservations somewhere. All you need is your smartphone and an appetite.

This new app is straight fire! Maybe that’s why they call it Cheflit.

Stefania Dilettoso, Cheflit co-founder: “Cheflit is an app-based marketplace that allows you to book any kind of dining experience. A chef comes at home to you and takes care of everything.”

In other words, the app Stefania Dilettoso helped create connects you to your very own personal chef.

Stefania Dilettoso: “I thought, ‘How about making the personal chef more accessible and easier to plan?'”

It’s as easy as picking what cuisine you want and booking your chef.

Jessica has a couple friends over and went with chef Scott Linquist from Coyo Taco.

Jessica Hirsch, customer: “Obviously, because of COVID, I would like to stay home a little bit more, and I don’t want to go out to restaurants, so I’m in the comfort of my own home. I can have my friends over have an amazing meal by a great chef.”

So what’s the deal with tonight’s meal, chef?

Scott Linquist: “We’re doing some fresh tuna tostadas. We’re doing a ceviche with lobster, shrimp and cobia. We’re doing some chicken enchiladas.”

And that’s just part of the spread!

Mixologist Bryan Canales is also in the house with pico de gallo margaritas!

Cheflit isn’t just meant to be super convenient and yummy for hungry customers.

Stefania also made the app with food service workers in mind.

Stefania Dilettoso: “Being a marketplace, it’s great because you can be a tool for freelancers — in this case, chefs — to find gigs.”

Especially after a year-plus of COVID.

Scott Linquist: “Cheflit is a great way for chefs and professional cooks to earn a little extra income to make up for lost time that they have not been working during COVID.”

So, they work, and you eat! Sounds like a delicious win-win.

Stefania Dilettoso: “You don’t have to worry about a thing. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your guests in the comfort and privacy of your home.”

For now, the app is only for Miami-Dade County, and every chef gets vetted through an application process.



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