It’s the fashion trend we deserve. It’s the fashion trend we need. The fanny packs — yes, the things we thought died long ago — are back with a vengeance. They’re new and improved, and we’re checking out the latest styles.

The fanny pack is back and better than ever.

Katie Ward: “The fanny pack or belt bag is not just for the tourist anymore.”

Hold up — fanny pack or belt bag? Which is it?

Deco swung by the Bloomingdale’s at Aventura Mall to ask the tough questions.

Katie Ward: “There’s really two versions; one is the fanny pack that you can clip around you waist, and the other is a belt bag that you can actually put a belt through, and the bag sits right there on your waist.”

Whatever you wanna call them, these things have been flying off the shelves this summer.

Katie Ward: “We have some vendors in the store who are on back order for the belt bags, they’re so popular. It’s popular because it’s compact, you can still fit things in it and you’re hands-free. So it’s functional as well as fashionable.”

Not to mention in style with the beautiful people.

Katie Ward: “You first saw this on the runway, and the celebrities took it and ran with it. Kendall Jenner’s seen wearing this, and she has blown up the trend.”

Kendall, Cara Delevigne, even the fellas like Jared Leto, Dwayne Wade and rapper A$AP Rocky. The Rock was clearly onto something with this throwback pic from the 90s.

And his character proudly sported one in “Central Intelligence.”

This one’s for guys, but Brianna here is rocking it anyway. I love it.

Katie Ward: “You’re seeing men wear them over their shoulders as well as around their waist.”

And you don’t have to max out your credit card to buy one, with prices as low as $35 all the way to $760.

Katie Ward: “We showed some from ‘street level,’ which are very reasonably priced, up to the even luxurious Ferragamo.”

So wear your fanny pack or belt bag how you like, when you like and where you like — this trend may be here to stay.

Katie Ward: “We’re still seeing this leading into fall, spring and even resort 2018. The designers are continuously reworking this trend.”

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