Netflix revisits 14th century Scotland in ‘Outlaw King’

Being a Deco reporter is a tough job. You literally go to the ends of the Earth, like Scotland. Deco’s great Scot, Chris Van Vliet, went there and hung out with the stars of “Outlaw King.”

Netflix and chill will take on a whole new meaning when the new Netflix film “Outlaw King” comes out Friday. Sure, the whole “Netflix” part of Netflix and chill is taken care of, but there will be no chilling with the nonstop action in this thing. I flew to Scotland to talk to Chris Pine and the cast of the movie.

Chris Pine (as Robert the Bruce): “I wear this crown as a symbol of my duty to serve the Scottish people.”

“Outlaw King” takes us to 14th century Scotland where Chris Pine plays the king of Scotland, an outlaw named Robert the Bruce. England isn’t too fond of Robert the Bruce and force him into exile — making him have to fight to get his throne back.

Chris Pine (as Robert the Bruce): “The people are desperate for justice.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What was harder for you, perfecting the Scottish accent or perfecting that beard?”

Chris Pine: Oh no, beard. I could beard all day long man. The accent was a real mf-er.”

But that Scottish accent is perfect for describing the action in this movie, especially when it comes from a Scot, like Tony Curran.

Tony Curran “It’s a very good word to say in Catalonian or Scottish, is ‘brutal.'”

Chris Van Vliet (in Scottish accent): “Brutal.”

Tony Curran: “Can you say ‘Brutal?'”

Sam Spruell: “Brutal.”

Tony Curran: Oh, that’s very good.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Brutal.”

And brutal might actually be an understatement. The battles in this movie are so visceral, and the way that it’s shot makes you feel like you’re there.

Chris Pine: “You threw essentially 500 people in the middle to do their choreographed action. You’d have four cameras somewhere, we usually didn’t know where. They’d call action, and you’d go until they yelled ‘stop.'”

For everyone on set, it wasn’t hard to get into that warrior mentality.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: “You’re riding out three hours into the middle of nowhere, you’re getting on your horse, and you’re looking at the beautiful landscape, and you’re with the rest of the guys who have all their gear on, and you can’t help but to channel that time and that era.”

“Outlaw King” is available on Netflix on Friday, or if you want to see those battle sequences the way they were meant to be seen, it’s playing at the iPic in Miami starting Friday as well.

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