A new true crime series hits Netflix next week, and somehow, Miami is involved. Shocker! The question: if there were a $100 million sitting in a room without security, what would you do?

Hold on, let me pull up Zillow. OK, now I know what I would do.

“Heist” takes us inside one of the biggest thefts in Florida history.

When anything is based on a true story in Miami, chances are it’s gonna be juicy!

In the new Netflix docuseries “Heist,” ordinary people almost get away with extraordinary crimes. Like Karls Monzon, a Cuban immigrant who did whatever it took to adopt a baby girl that he and his wife, Brandy, always dreamed about but couldn’t afford.

Karls Monzon: “Working is not going to make you that rich, so people try to get a shortcut.”

Martin Desmond Roe: “Around the same time, he gets an offer from a friend who says, ‘I know how we can steal $100 million.”

Brandy had just suffered two miscarriages, so Karls, an otherwise good guy, takes the Brinks truck driver up on the inside job.

Martin Desmond Roe: “If somebody tells you there’s a room in it with no guards…”

Alex Miranda: “At the minimum, you’re going to think about it!”

And, in 2005, with a small crew, pulls off the $7.4 million dollar cash grab at Miami International Airport.

Karls Monzon: “My job was to grab the bags and take it to the truck.”

And if this is starting to sound familiar, maybe you’ve seen the movie “Goodfellas?”

But there’s more! Because Miami.

Martin Desmond Roe: “As a storyteller, I’m grateful for you guys. Never change!”

While investigating the heist, the FBI also found itself in the middle of a kidnapping and extortion plot.

Karls Monzon: “Back in 2006, my brother-in-law got kidnapped two times.”

That same year, Karls got locked up and says he’s still afraid the streets have the wrong idea.

Karls Monzon: “There’s still $6 million unaccounted for, so I assume they think I have the money.”

And when we asked…

Karls Monzon: “We don’t know where the money is.”

But after serving over nine years in prison, he has one goal when the show starts streaming Wednesday.

Karls Monzon: “If I can help someone not do what I did, I’ll be happy.”

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