Netflix is in the pole position with a new documentary. “Strip Down, Rise Up” explores pole dancing and the incredible impact it can have on the women who really get into it.

Sheila Kelley (in “Strip Down, Rise Up”): “Some people come in just to learn how to pole dance, and their minds are blown open that it touches a part of themselves that they didn’t know they had.”

Sheila Kelley (in “Strip Down, Rise Up”): “I want you to move your body.”

Woman (in “Strip Down, Rise Up”): “I don’t think I can.”

This isn’t the J-Lo movie, “Hustlers.” This documentary dives deep.

It takes a look at how this physical activity can be so meaningful and healing for your mind, body and spirit.

We chatted with the director and one of the amazing dancers featured in the film.

Michèle Ohayon, director: “It is definitely a call for action. I want to inspire women to be able to look into the mirror and see the beauty that they have.”

Amy Bond, dancer and studio owner: “I think the movie really focuses on healing journeys, and how women have reclaimed their sexuality through pole dancing.”

Amy also made an important distinction: the sexuality she’s talking about has nothing to do with the male gaze.

“Strip Down, Rise Up” is streaming on Netflix.

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