Netflix cloning series ‘Living with Yourself” gives you double dose of Paul Rudd

Don’t you hate it when you go to a spa, leave feeling good, and then go home to find your angry clone waiting for you? Well, that’s kind of what happens in the new Netflix show “Living with Yourself.” Paul Rudd talked to Deco about taking on double duty.

Paul Rudd (as Miles Elliot’s Clone): “I woke up in a spa, went to work and came home.”

Miles is having a good day. Miles is also having a bad day.

Paul Rudd (as Miles Elliot): “I woke up in a grave, and then I walked for six hours to find whatever the [expletive] you are.”

In “Living with Yourself,” Paul Rudd plays a guy in a rut who goes to a mysterious and expensive spa.

Rob Yang (as Youngsu): “Top Happy Spa will rebuild your DNA better than ever. A better you. The best you can be.”

Basically, they’re cloning people. The clone goes out into the world and thrives while the original goes to a shallow grave.

Only this time, the body doesn’t stay there.

Aisling Bea (as Kate Elliot): “Are you OK? Need me to come down?”

Paul Rudd (as Miles Elliot and Miles Elliott’s Clone): “No, no, no, it’s fine!”

Clone Miles has all the memories, but none of the experiences, which means he’s just starting to live life, even though he knows how life works. Wow. That’s some pretty existential stuff for a comedy.

Paul Rudd: “I started reading it and was sucked into it immediately. I thought this was really clever and interesting. I didn’t know where it was gonna go.”

Paul and his co-star, Aisling Bea, got deep with Deco. They say they weren’t split on their love of the show.

Aisling Bea: “It’s almost like the new Miles is washed of all the history that bogged the old Miles down.”

Paul Rudd: “And so I was really sucked into it in a way that I didn’t anticipate. ‘How are they gonna get themselves out of this scenario?'”

Paul Rudd (as Miles Elliot): “Now there’s two mes, but there’s one life!”

Paul Rudd (as Miles Elliot’s Clone): “So what do you suggest we do?”

So Paul is playing two parts of the same guy, and that made it challenging to get into character.

Paul Rudd: “If anything, playing two actual different characters, certain challenges just came about because of just time allowed on the technical side of it. It’s also a fun way to explore those different sides of the same person.”

Paul plays both so well, we asked if he’s worried that, if he gets Emmy nominations for playing Miles and Clone Miles, that he’ll split the vote.

Paul Rudd: “That’s my number one concern.”

“Living with Yourself” is now streaming on Netflix.

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