‘Nerve’ star Emma Roberts talks to Deco

‘Jason Bourne’ is going up against his arch-rival, a version of “Pokémon Go.” At least that’s what Emma Roberts told our Chris Van Vliet.

The movie is called “Nerve,” about an online game where the people who play it get a little too obsessed, and it can get them in trouble. You see the connection here to “Pokémon Go?” I chatted with Emma Roberts on South Beach about her new flick.

Nerve is an online game where you take on dares to earn money … and each dare gets more and more dangerous.

Emma Roberts: “We keep saying that this movie takes place five minutes in the future because it definitely feels very real. Hopefully, no one will go to the lengths that people go to in this movie.”

Emma Roberts (as Vee): “It’s cool, right? This looks very sketchy. Is this legal?”

Something about this sounds very familiar: a game on your phone that people take a little too seriously and can get them into trouble.

Chris Van Vliet: “I feel like Pokémon Go’ might have stolen this from you guys.”

Emma Roberts: “‘Pokémon Go’ is based off of the movie ‘Nerve.'”

Chris Van Vliet: “There it is.”

Emma Roberts: “No, it’s very similar as far as I think everyone is really interested in kind of real-time games, and I see why because everyone is obsessed with social media.”

Emma Roberts (as Vee): “You know that some kid died in Seattle playing ‘Nerve?'”

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are “Nerve” players who randomly meet when Emma accepts a dare.

“Nerve” narrator: “Kiss a stranger for five seconds.”

From there, they accept dare after dare another until they get trapped.

Emma Roberts: “We became prisoners of the game.”

Chris Van Vliet: “In the case of truth or dare, which one do you normally pick?”

Emma Roberts: “I think truth is more interesting and fun because dare has always involved, at least for me, like jump in a pool fully clothed or like jump in a pool naked. Like, there’s always for some reason a pool involved.”

Chris Van Vliet: “So, truth: Do you want to leave these interviews?”

Emma Roberts: “Well, when the beach of Miami is behind me, then yes, I do a little bit.”

“Nerve” narrator: “The only way out is to win. Let’s go!”

I was kind of expecting her to answer that last question with “Yes!” and then just get up and walk out.

“Nerve” is now playing in theaters.

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