“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” opens tonight, and this time, sorority girls move in next door. And the girls are way wilder than the frat boys ever were, so Deco asked the stars how much wilder it would get if the movie was set here in SoFlo.

In “Neighbors 2,” Chloë Grace Moretz and her pals wanna join Selena Gomez’s sorority — ’til they learn only frats can throw parties.

Chloë Grace Moretz (as Shelby): “This is a sexist, restrictive system. We’re gonna throw a sorority that can party the way we want to!”

Chloë Grace Moretz: “What the movie tries to kind of approach and discuss is the fact that there is a societal discrepancy between men and women partying.”

Kiersey Clemons: “I think everyone parties the same; it’s just a matter of being allowed to.”

Beanie Feldstein: “Yeah, you can’t have alcohol in the house. It’s so insanely unfair.”

So the ladies start their own sorority…

Chloë Grace Moretz (as Shelby): “We are the first sorority that can party.”

And their off-campus party house is next door to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, who are trying to sell their home.

Rose Byrne (as Kelly Radner): “What are we gonna do?”

Seth Rogen (as Mac Radner): “Maybe it’s not that bad. Girls are usually quiet.”

The girls are so wild, the neighbors hatch a plan.

Seth Rogen (as Mac Radner): “We need somebody who can relate to stupid young people.”

They enlist former frat boy Zac Efron to help them, and things get even wilder. But Deco wanted to know how much wilder it would be if the movie was set here in Miami.

Seth Rogen: “There’d be a lot more humidity and a lot more intermittent rainfall.”

Zac Efron: “More Latin experience, a little more…”

Rose Byrne: “Probably be a bit more bilingual.”

Seth Rogen: “A little more horn in the music.”

Zac Efron: “Yeah, it might feel a little more like a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie.”

Seth Rogen: “Yeah.” (Ha, ha, ha.)

Zac Efron (as Teddy Sanders): “Those girls are out of control. Get away from me!”

Chloë Grace Moretz: “Way crazier.”

Beanie Feldstein: “Maybe some of the footage that…”

Kiersey Clemons: “I’d have my top off.”

Beanie Feldstein: “I feel like some of the crazier stuff that we shot that didn’t make it in, would be like first to go in.”

Even the director, who’s from Miami, agrees.

Nicholas Stoller: “I mean, I don’t know if we could have shot it. I think it would have been pretty crazy. We actually watched a bunch of sorority videos, like the sororities make these videos, and the craziest one was in a Miami sorority.”

“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” is currently out in theaters.

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