The Oscars are four days away and the question on everyone’s lips isn’t about Leo DiCaprio or "Spotlight." It’s, "Who are you wearing?" But the focus is also going to be on what completes any look — the makeup. In tonight’s Lynner Beauty, the classic red carpet look is reinvented.

At Saks Fifth Avenue in Bal Harbour, Walter Tucci, the head stylist for NARS cosmetics, says the trends we’ll see at the Oscars will be inspired by classic beauty, but with a twist, starting with the lips.

Walter Tucci: "If you have that favorite color that you know flatters you better, use that as a base."

In this case, it’s a bright red. Then, layer it.

Walter Tucci: "That color that to you is more of a complimentary color to the other one, that is the key."

Then, he layered the red lipstick with a fuchsia one by softly dabbing it right in the middle.

Lynn Martinez: "Who would ever think fuchsia and red would be going on the same lip?"

The layered look gives it a gorgeous pop of color with a neutral, never dark, eye shadow. When you have a bright lip, never do a strong eye shadow.

Walter Tucci: "That’s more of an Instagram look."

Lynn Martinez: "More of a prostitution look…we don’t want that on the red carpet!"

The other trend is semi-matte foundation.

Walter Tucci: "But the trick is to make it more modern by having a little more reflection of the light. So, it’s not a flat matte look."

Lynn Martinez: "Oh, so don’t cake it on with all that powder!"

Walter Tucci: "Exactly."

He used the NARS Velvet Matte skin tint and rubbed it in with his fingers for a more natural look, and then completed it with a rich, purple lip.

Walter Tucci: "When you have the perfect lipstick, but you don’t have the perfect lip liner that goes with it, don’t ruin it by adding the wrong color."

Lynn Martinez: "So many times I just use a red lip liner for everything, and then I try to blend it in…"

Walter Tucci: "You’re doing the ombré look."

Lynn Martinez: "I like to call it the "Hialeah" look. Love all my friends in Hialeah!"

Next trend is the smokey eye. But first, you have to moisturize your lips "Walter style."

Lynn Martinez: "It feels so weird to have your finger on my mouth, haha."

He used the Narcissist eye shadow pallete and went for different colors (not brown)! 

Walter Tucci: "So, let’s grab a little bit of green that goes well with Lynn."

With a defined brush, he pushed the color in.  

Lynn Martinez: "We’re making a huge statement here."

It’s a smokey eye with blue and green shades instead of black and gray!

Lynn Martinez: "I like what you did!"

Walter Tucci: "Isn’t it beautiful?"

To balance out the smokey eye, always use a light lip.

Lynn Martinez: "I’m ready for my Oscar now!"

We just need to bring Walter and we’ll all be Oscar-ready.

NARS Cosmetics

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