Naomi Watts is playing a child psychologist in her new movie “Shut In.” Now, Deco is trying to analyze the movie. Chris Van Vliet is here to try and get inside her head.

To get inside her head for this movie, you first have to understand what this movie is about. It’s one part thriller, one part drama and one part horror. Yeah, there’s a lot of parts here.

Oliver Platt (as Dr. Wilson): “How’s Steven doing?”

Naomi Watts (as Mary Portman): “Same as last week and the week before.”

In “Shut In,” Naomi Watts plays Mary, a child psychologist who is dealing with a lot.

Naomi Watts: “She’s a mother. She was a wife, but in the beginning of the film, you see a tragic accident take place. She loses her husband, and then things change in her life quite dramatically.”

The biggest change is her stepson Stephen, played by Charlie Heaton, who was also in that crash and is now in a catatonic state.

Naomi Watts (as Mary Portman): “I lost him that day I lost Richard in the car crash.”

Things change again when one of Mary’s patients, played by Jacob Tremblay, goes missing and is presumed dead. This thriller then gives us some twists and turns, but wait a second, is this really a thriller, Naomi?

Naomi Watts: “There are definite things that make it feel like a psychological thriller, and then there’s the supernatural thing, and then there’s moments where it feels like an intense drama, and then some high scares that put it into the horror genre.”

So there we go: It’s a supernatural dramatic thriller horror. OK!

Oliver Platt (as Dr. Wilson): “Listen to what you’re saying. You’re talking about ghosts.”

With all of that serious stuff happening on the set, the cast made sure to keep things light.

Naomi Watts: “When you’re dealing with this kind of high level of intensity, it’s good to have a shake-up and just break the tension and have some good jokes.”

While it doesn’t actually get a credit at the end of the film, the house plays a major role in this movie. Chris tried to get an interview with it, but it turned him down.

“Shut In” opens in theaters on Friday, Nov. 11.

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