We don’t eat like wolves at dinner just because we’re hungry. We do it because we’re hungry for dessert. Now Deco’s found a frozen treat that’s giving new meaning to the word “chill.” Actually, the old meaning of “chill” is still fine, but the point is, this stuff is good!

You can scream for ice cream or go “goo goo” for gelato, but at Nanndi in Downtown Dadeland, they want you to flip for frozen cream.

Sabrina Mancin, Nanndi Chef: “Nanndi is a frozen cream and pastry shop where everything is homemade, made here in-house every single day with fresh ingredients and seasonal fruits.”

It’s not ice cream, and it’s not gelato. It’s a homemade hybrid.

Sabrina Mancin: “Frozen cream is my own creation. It is a mixture between American ice cream and Italian gelato. And I mix them because I want the creaminess or density of the gelato with the airy and full mouth feel of ice cream.”

There are dairy and non-dairy flavors.

Sabrina Mancin: “It doesn’t matter if it’s water-based, like the mango sorbet. It will taste creamy.”

And the choices are as unique as the concept.

Sabrina Mancin: “Here we have flavors that represent Miami, and we have flavors that represent desserts, seasons and holidays. For example, the rice con leche, and we have Maria cookie and guava and cheese.”

The fun ingredients bring an intense taste.

Sabrina Mancin: “It’s not your traditional sweet pistachio, but we use real salted, roasted pistachios.”

And, some flavors are even good for you.

Sabrina Mancin: “We have our kale pineapple and ginger sorbet, which is dairy free. It’s just water, and you taste the freshness of pineapple and ginger with the nutrition of the kale.”

Cristina Bernal: “It’s really, really refreshing. It’s like if you are drinking something in the ice cream version of it.”

The frozen stuff isn’t their only sweet treat.

Sabrina Mancin: “This is a frozen cream and pastry shop. We bake everything fresh, every morning.”

With cookies and cupcakes and more, Nanndi’s sweets are hot and cool, and a perfect South Florida treat.


Nanndi Frozen Cream and Pastry Shop
8845 Southwest 72nd Place
South Miami, FL 33156
(786) 814-5596

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