In 2002, we were introduced to the idea of a big, fat Greek wedding. Now, there’s a wedding even bigger, fatter and Greeker than the first– and everyone is invited to this family function because it’s time for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2."

Opa! Your favorite family is back in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2."

Over a decade later– Toula, Ian and their big Greek family are still fun and boisterous, as they plan a wedding and deal with family issues.

John Corbett: "The first movie ended with us walking down the street, with a little girl walking down the street and that was say 11 years ago. And this movie picks up that little girl about 11 years later and that little girl is about 16-17 years old."

John Corbett returns as Ian, the man who fell in love with Nia Vardalos’ character Toula Portokalos.

Nia Vardalos: "Toula and Ian have been married a while and we have a teen daughter and as is typical, all our focus goes into her and we have forgotten to look at each other."
And the newbie to the cast is their daughter Paris, played by Elena Kampouris.

Elena Kampouris: "You don’t have to be Greek to relate to this. We all have over-bearing family members who are overwhelming, but they are delightful and quirky and adorable. It all comes from the right place, they mean well. And they just want you to have a better life than they had."

Elena’s own Greek family loved that she’s in this flick.

Elena Kampouris: "They full-throttle freaked."

Speaking of family… Toula’s family didn’t go far.

Andrea Martin and Joey Fatone are back as Aunt Voula and cousin Angelo.

Joey Fatone: "Everybody has their own arc or their own story now that you are more in depth with these characters."

And the message this time around?

Joey Fatone: "There are a lot of messages in this one. You are never too old to get married, I think or remarried."

Andrea Martin: "Every woman is going like,’yes!’"

Joey Fatone: "It really doesn’t matter!"
Andrea Martin: "For me when all is said and done– family trumps all."
"My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" is in theaters March 25th. 

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