Music brings family together in ‘Coco’

Family feuds can go on for generations, but what if you could meet family members who have passed on and reunite everyone, past and present? The animated movie “Coco” takes a musical look at family history, and it turns out music can bring peace and love to everyone.

Deco’s music man Chris Van Vliet is here to explain.

Music is always the answer — well, except when pizza is the answer, which is almost always. In “Coco,” music brings everyone together both living and dead.

Renee Victor (as Abuelita): “Dia de los Muertos has begun!”

In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a time when family members remember those who have passed away.

Alanna Ubach (as Mamá Imelda): “Welcome to the land of your ancestors. We’re your family!”

Anthony Gonzalez (as Miguel): “You’re skeletons!”

Jaime Camil (as Papá): “You’re alive!”

On that day, the spirits of those who have died visit the Land of the Living.

But in the animated movie “Coco,” a mix up sends a living boy to the Land of the Dead.

Twelve-year-old Miguel loves both his family and music, but, because of a feud, his family forbids all things musical.

Anthony Gonzalez: “He loves music from his idol, who hopes might be his great-great-grandfather. And that’s Ernesto de la Cruz ”

Anthony Gonzalez voices Miguel, and Benjamin Bratt voices his musical hero, the late, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Benjamin Bratt: “Ernesto is the Mexican version of Frank Sinatra, if not more popular. He is as adored and loved for his musical prowess as he is for his star making turns in Mexican cinema.”

Miguel thinks if he can unite Ernesto with his family in the Land of the Dead, he can return to the Land of the Living and enjoy music.

Benjamin Bratt: “He is a larger than life person, incredibly magnetic and charming, and quite the swagger for a skeleton, I must say. He’s got no flesh on him but the guy is quite a charming guy.”

For Miguel, being stuck with skeletons in the Land of the Dead isn’t scary, especially when he thinks his connection to Ernesto could be more than musical.

Benjamin Bratt: “He is not only his musical idol, he is quite possibly a relative.”

Anthony Gonzalez: “Miguel is so mind blown and so happy that he might have a great-great-grandfather who might be his his idol, which is so cool.”

“Coco” is about remembering where we come from, the family members who came before us, and a celebration of life.

Benjamin Bratt: “Family, no matter where you go or who you are — it always comes first.”

“Coco” is in theaters on Friday, but I’m thinking it’ll be the “Justice League” at number one again.

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