When it comes to careers, the more experience you have, the harder it is to change things up. In “The High Note,” a music star wants to take a risk in her career, and she learns how scary change can really be.

Tracee Ellis Ross (as Grace Davis): “Hello, New York! Chicago! Where are we?”

Dakota Johnson (as Maggie): “Detroit.”

Tracee Ellis Ross (as Grace Davis): “Can’t hear you, Maggie!”

Dakota Johnson (as Maggie): “Detroit!”

Tracee Ellis Ross (as Grace Davis): “I can’t hear you, Detroit!”

Tracee Ellis Ross is Grace Davis, a singer at the top of her music career.

Gregory Schwabe (as Damian): “OK, so have you thought any more about the Vegas residency?”

Tracee Ellis Ross (as Grace Davis): “Actually, I think it’s time I record a new album.”

In “The High Note,” Grace has to make a decision that will define the rest of her career.

Tracee Ellis Ross: “Grace is a complex and amazing woman. She is a larger-than-life, epic music superstar who’s had decades of hits.”

The diva wants to try something new, but her team wants to play it safe, and everyone wants to make sure she doesn’t hit a sour note with fans.

Tracee Ellis Ross: “She has a really big heart, but she doesn’t know how to share it. A lot of vulnerability that she never lets out, and yeah, that’s Grace Davis.”

You may think Tracee was born to play this role. She comes from music royalty. Her mom is the one and only Diana Ross.

But the one thing the actress wants everyone to know is…

Tracee Ellis Ross: “I did not use my mom in any way as a source for inspiration or story anything like that, which everyone can tell as soon as you watch the film. You completely forget that has anything to do with anything.”

Even with a Supreme-ly musical mom, it turns out singing is new to Tracee.

Tracee Ellis Ross: “I have never sung, not in a role. I sang in talent shows growing up, and it was a dream, something I wanted to do, and somehow it got pushed into a room, and the door was closed, and I launched into an acting career.”

Tracee is sort of like her character. She doesn’t let anything stop her.

Tracee Ellis Ross: “The older you get, the longer you wait, the scarier it is to try something new, and then this role came along, and that dream came right back out, and I had to face my fear and sing for the first time.”

“The High Note” becomes available On Demand on various streaming platforms starting Friday.

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