Got pollution? Then the Museum of Graffiti’s got the solution. The museum is hosting a new show this Saturday for Earth Day called “Reduce, Reuse, Remix.” It features trash now considered a masterpiece.

These works at Museum of Graffiti’s don’t go to waste.

Alan Ket: “The Museum of Graffiti for Earth Day is presenting an incredible exhibition of 15 local artists dealing with the theme of sustainability, pollution, peace, recycling.”

They wanted to show that garbage can be beautiful too.

Alan Ket: “Some of the styles you’ll see are abstract, figurative and graffiti styles. All the pieces are recycled friendly. You’ll find some funny pieces that are found paintings that were found on the street painted over.”

Every work of art was at some point, trash, even some of the ink.

Alan Ket: “We ended up introducing AIR-INK technology, which is this really cool ink that’s made from pollution. Getting turned into ink starts with the capture of pollution from car exhaust, then the car exhaust is then compressed and turned into ink.”

You’ll see recycled pieces by Ahol Sniffs Glue, Abstrk, Krave and Nico Holderbaum.

Nico Holderbaum: “I created a piece using found materials such as cardboard, as well as natural pigments such as matcha, tumeric, coffee, and the AIR-INK marker; which was made using repurposed air polution.”

The inspo for her work came from Mother Earth herself.

Nico Holderbaum: “My piece features mushrooms deteriorating, a spray can which has been left in nature. It features other elements of nature like butterflies and beetles and flowers.”

Talk about be-leaf-ing in a greener future. Now there’s no need to whine about needing a little wine! The museum partnered with Rabble Wine, too.

Julian Hernandez: “We like to say we make delicious wines in connection with Mother Nature. We like to work with Mother Nature and not against her.”

And if you want to see what happens when you go against Mother Nature, just hold your phone up to the label.

So you better be nice…

Alan Ket: “We’re taking trash and making it into something, and so I encourage people to look at what they’re discarding and maybe find other uses for it!”

For free tickets to the opening, click here.

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