When you think of Miami Beach, graffiti is probably not the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s about to change, thanks to a cool new collab. Deco’s checking out an art show that’s all about a pop of color.

Miami Beach is getting a fresh lick of paint.

The Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood is teaming up with The Confidante Hotel for a unique art exhibition.

Becca Tash, The Confidante Hotel: “We’re putting on a nine-month-long local art residency curated by Museum of Graffiti. We’ve been a longtime supporter of the local arts.”

Allison Freidin, co-founder, Museum of Graffiti: “With a lot of the walls disappearing in Wynwood, we wanted to find a new place for artists to be able to display their works.”

The collab is called Museum of Graffiti Beachside … but it’s not always gonna look like this.

Allison Freidin: “Every three months, the Museum of Graffiti is gonna curate a new show by a local artist.”

Up first: SoFlo’s own Jel Martinez. His show, “Unintentional Collaboration,” is inspired by the removal of graffiti.

Jel Martinez: “The city removes one art form, right? They don’t come back and retouch it and keep removing it to where you cannot see it. The art starts to seep through as the sun eats at the paint.”

There are 18 paintings on display at the hotel, all featuring different colors and techniques used to remove graffiti.

Jel tells Deco his goal is to make the original art come alive again.

Jel Martinez: “I’m inspired to give life to the graffiti again, so most of the paintings that you see here, you’ll see remnants of graffiti in the back layers of the paint.”

All the pieces are on display across the first floor of the hotel, so you can walk around and enjoy them on your own time.

Jeffrey Rodriguez, guest: “I think it’s amazing. I think it’s both worlds. You have the new with the classic, the luxury, the street, everything. It’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful combination.”

The Museum of Graffiti Beachside is free and open to the public. Jel Martinez’s exhibit will be on display through Aug. 15.

Museum of Graffiti Beachside
The Confidante Miami Beach
4041 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140

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