Munchie’s Pizza Club is a unique, ‘retrowave’ pizzeria in the heart of Fort Lauderdale

People always ask, “How does a story get on Deco?” The answer: it has to be different and funky, so what happens when we find a pizza restaurant where the owner’s résumé stands out as much as what’s on the menu? We loosen our belts.

Munchie’s Pizza Club is Fort Lauderdale’s newest hot spot.

Steve Berke, owner, Munchie’s Pizza Club: “Munchie’s Pizza Club is a retrowave, 1980s style pizzeria, sports bar and entertainment venue.”

Its owner, Steve Berke, is as unique as the restaurant itself.

Steve Berke: “I was a professional tennis player until the age of 23. When I was 24, I got a rare opportunity to travel the world with Richard Branson on a Fox TV show called ‘The Rebel Billionaire’ to now being a pizza restaurant owner.”

If this place reminds you of “Back to the Future,” that’s the point.

Steve Berke: “It looks like you are taking a DeLorean back to the 1980s, and you’re in this incredibly viby arcade with dim lights, amazing screens everywhere. Our pizza’s fantastic.”

Their crispy pies get topped with your favs, plus stuff you’ve never thought of.

Steve Berke: “What makes our pizza different is that we have toppings no one else in the world does. We have barbecue ostrich. We have blackened gator tail.”

Kristi Tuthill, diner: “I’ve genuinely never had guava on a pizza. It’s amazing.”

There’s even pizza for your pooch, and get this, the restaurant’s named after a furry friend.

Steve Berke: “Munchie is a dog. He is my service dog. He is the most goodest boy in the entire world, and you will see him walking around the restaurant.”

So, who comes up with the crazy food combos? Chef Todd Erickson.

Todd Erickson, chef: “I’m responsible for the pizza, and Steve is responsible for the vibe, and it makes it really special.”

If Todd looks familiar, there’s a reason!

Todd Erickson: “I was on ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ on the Food Network. I was the first chef in Florida to beat Bobby Flay.”

Steve and Todd must really love reality TV.

They’re doing it again!

Steve Berke: “We have a camera crew filming at Munchie’s right now. We have a documentary series about someone opening their first restaurant.”

When you come to Munchie’s Pizza Club, come hungry, and make sure you’re ready to be on TV.

Jessica Cassidy, diner: “The food is amazing. The drinks are incredible, and the ambiance is breathtaking.”

We don’t know what channel Steve’s reality show will be on. That’s a big secret, but we do know Munchie’s Pizza Club’s grand opening is this Thursday.


Munchie’s Pizza Club
200 SW Second St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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