Life is imitating art. We love when that happens. A fast food joint that pops up in multiple Kevin Smith movies is popping up in real life across the country — including south florida. Mind. Blown. Deco got an exclusive first taste of Mooby’s.

Mooby’s is in the movies, and now it’s popping up in the flesh at Tin Roof in Delray Beach.

Deco mooooooooved right on up to Delray to check out this creation from prolific director Kevin Smith, who’s also one half of the iconic Jay and Silent Bob duo.

Derek Berry, Mooby’s: “Kevin was hands on for every step of the way. He named every single menu item, he figured out the color schemes and everything, so it came from his brain, and me and Chef just brought it to life for him.”

Derek Berry is Kev’s partner in “dine.”

While this restaurant is total fan service for fans of Kevin Smith movies, Derek says don’t judge a VHS by its box cover.

Derek Berry: “We know that people are gonna come here and take photos and stuff, but the food is as important. We like to say it’s chef-driven fast food. Cow Tipper is the go-to item. When people say like, ‘What do I get? What do I have to have at Mooby’s?’ I would say it’s the Cow Tipper.”

This thing’s got two cheeseburger patties with Mooby’s house sauce.

They’ve also got a secret menu item.

Derek Berry: “Every city, we work with our chef locally to do a secret menu item. In Delray, it’s a Cow Tipper on top of a milkshake.”

Secret’s out, I guess.

Chandler Patty, diner: “My goodness, was it smackin.’ Scrumshidillyumptious.”

What an excellent description!

Derek Berry: “Our sides are fun, too. We have tater tots — Hater Tots — that are from “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” and we have Onion Rings to Rule Them All, which are from “Clerks iII.”

And get this: Mooby’s menu is 50% vegan, for a good reason.

Derek Berry: “No one expected Mooby’s to think about dietary restrictions. Kevin suffered a heart attack a couple years ago, almost died from it, changed his whole diet and became vegan.”

One thing you’ll find here that you won’t see in the movies: alcohol. Have your choice of beer or cool cocktails.

Johnny Holt, diner: “I had the Hunch Punch to drink. It’s very sweet, very boozy. I like it a lot.”

Hey, If “Clerks II” and “III” star Rosario Dawson likes Mooby’s, it’s a good bet you will, too.

Derek Berry: “We try to think, like, this is a touring version of Disney for Kevin Smith fans. You’re stepping into the world of Kevin Smith, and you’re eating it, too.”

Mooby’s is open through Sept. 21. Kevin plans on stopping by for closing day.

Mooby’s Delray Beach

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