Monster Jam rolls into Marlins Park for first time ever

If your ears haven’t been exposed to any exceptionally loud noises lately, we’ve got a way for you to change that. Monster Jam is at Marlins Park for the first time this weekend, and Chris has been warming up his voice all week for it.

The hard-hitting, hair-raising, fast paced action of Monster Jam invades Marlins Park for the very first time!

Chris Van Vliet: “Neil, I’ve been trying out my Monster Jam voice all week, so I want you to tell me what you think of it, OK?”

Chris Van Vliet (in Monster Jam voice): “Get ready for Monster Jam this Saturday and Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!”

Neil Elliot, Monster Jam driver: “Not bad.”

Now I plan to talk in that voice the entire time! Actually, maybe not, that kinda hurts. Back to my normal one now.

Chris Van Vliet: “You do some pretty impressive stuff behind the wheel of Max D. Do you ever get nervous out there?”

Neil Elliot: “This is year 18 driving Monster Jam trucks for me, so I quit being nervous after about, I don’t know, my second show when I found myself upside-down, so.”

Monster Jam is fun for the fans, but for the drivers, it’s all about the competition.

Alex Blackwell, Monster Jam driver: “I don’t care who’s in the other lane. I’ll tell you right now I will beat my mother if she’s in the other lane.”

Chris Van Vliet: “He took the glasses off, too. That’s when you know it’s serious.”

Alex Blackwell: “Gotta get the intensity. You know what I mean?”

This is the real deal and so are these trucks!

Alex Blackwell: “I drive a Megalodon, which is a 12-foot wide, 12-foot tall, 25-foot long Monster Jam shark.”

Alex Blackwell: “I’m out to take a bite out of the competition.”

The action is larger than life!

Neil Elliot: “I mean, how often are you gonna see an 11,000, 12,000 pound truck 30, 40 feet in the air?”

Before the show, Monster Jam hosts a pit party for fans of all ages to get up close and personal with the trucks and even take a ride in the legendary Gravedigger.

Tom Dixon: “Riding in here is like a roller coaster that fell off its rails.”

What a ride! And that ride gives me an idea.

Chris Van Vliet: “All right, now we’re going to run over some of the trucks in the parking lot. You ready?”

Monster Jam
Marlins Park
Miami, FL 33125

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