The Dow dropped more than 200 points on Wednesday, and that means some people have a lot less money now than they had that morning. But that’s just how it goes, right? Or are bigger forces at work? Tonight, Julia Roberts and George Clooney are talking about their new thriller “Money Monster.”

It’s suspense at its finest as George Clooney and Julia Roberts team up again on the big screen. This time, the dynamic duo stars in “Money Monster.”

Clooney plays Lee Gates, a Wall Street guru who picks hot stocks as a host of a television show called “Money Monster.” Roberts is his good pal and longtime television producer.

The two get blindsided during a live broadcast by a disgruntled investor who takes Gates hostage.

Julia Roberts: “To know that there really isn’t any time to waste, and it’s about problem-solving and being clever, because no one saw this situation coming.”

English actor Jack O’Connell plays Kyle Budwell, the disgruntled viewer who took Lee Gates’ advice and lost everything.

O’Connell said it was tough being that angry all the time.

Jack O’Connell: “For me, I think, speaking very personally, Kyle a lot of the time was very outraged, and with the nature of the shooting process, it can be very elongated. It was difficult to stay that enraged all day.”

Gates and his producer, who’s talking to the host through a trusty earpiece during the entire thing, try and defuse the situation on live television.

The suspense-filled action thriller is directed by none other than Oscar winner Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster: “‘Money Monster’ is a real thrilling ride. It’s a real genre film. I’m not known for genre. I’m known for personal movies. It’s incredibly relevant, and it’s not an old-fashioned film. And it’s challenging, its tone is challenging.”

Jodie applied her experience in front of the camera to help her behind it, too.

George Clooney: “From the minute Jodie asked if I wanted to play the part, I thought, ‘I’ll be perfectly safe working with Jodie because she takes care of actors.'”

The cast isn’t saying how the story ends. But one thing’s for sure: It’ll be a show without any commercial breaks.

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