Moët champagne over ice at the Regent Cocktail Club

Champagne has been the stuff of celebration for centuries. You know, New Year’s Eve, weddings, a finalized divorce. Now there’s a new way to enjoy — and it’s perfect for summer. Deco popped the cork and got a taste of champagne — on ice.

For over 300 years, champagne has been the drink of sophistication and class. Now, Moët & Chandon is mixing things up.

Champagne cocktails are all the rage in Europe. Now you can indulge — and stay classy.

Julio Cabrera, Regent Cocktail Club: “Moët Ice Impérial is the first ever to come up with a product to be poured on ice.”

Deco hit the Regent Cocktail Club on Miami Beach to taste the trend.

Julio Cabrera: “The first drink we’re gonna make is a Moët Colada is a take on the Piña colada.”

Julio Cabrera: “First ingredient is an ice cube made with fresh pineapple juice. Then we place 2 oz of coconut water. Then we top it off with champagne Moët Ice Impérial, like 3 ounces. Then we garnish the drink with a slice of pineapple and a cherry. And there we have the Moët Colada.”

Customer 1: “It’s different, but it’s really tasty. The ice cube gives it a different vibe, taste. I think it would be good for a hot summer day.”

If you really need to chill — try a bellini popsicle.

Julio Cabrera: “We have peach purée, Italian liqueur, and Moët Ice Impérial. Using the same ingredients, but in a popsicle.”

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without punch.

Julio Cabrera: “So first we place in the punch bowl one orange peel. And we put two table of brown sugar. So what we do now is to muddle the sugar with the lemon and the orange zest.”

Add orange juice, lemon juice and black tea then a touch of orange liqueur. You know — for flavor.

Julio Cabrera: “And finally we add a whole bottle of Moët Ice Impérial.”

Ah, why not make it two? Serve over ice and enjoy.

Customer 2: “It’s actually really good. It captures the essence of the Moët and the orange peel, love it.”

So if you’re feeling toasty this summer, pop the cork and try some bubbly — over ice.

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