Mobile shoe boutique brings the shoes and bubbly to you

We’ve all heard the saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” Well how about if the shoe comes to you and you buy it? Everyone needs a really strong shoe game and thanks to one business, shoe shopping is as easy as 1-2-3 because the shoes come to you!

When it comes to putting your best foot forward, Shoe Feature kicks things into high gear.

Sasha Scott, owner: “We meet the busy client wherever she is. If she’s at the grocery store, her son’s soccer game, the gym, at her home or at work — we come to you.”

You heard her right!

It’s a mobile shoe company, which means they deliver shoes to your doorstep or anywhere you happen to be.

All you do is pick from their endless options.

Sasha Scott: “We’ve got feathers, we’ve got embellishment, we’ve got rhinestones, we’ve got crystals, stiletto heel, we’ve got flats, wedges … and then a few styles come in ranges, so you’ll have like our feather bootie also came as a flat.”

And book your appointment.

Sasha Scott: “While booking your appointment, you’re of course going to tell me your shoe size, tell me the styles that interest you, where you are and what time, and I’ll show up with what you need.”

Just because you’re getting the delivery VIP style, doesn’t mean you’re paying the price of luxury.

Sasha Scott: “Shoes start as low as $25 and I think our maximum price point right now is about $98.”

Another perk about this shoe boutique on wheels — shoe parties!

Sasha Scott: “It’s like a little pop up shop within your home.”

Isabella Quinn-Fernandez, client: “They’re so much fun. You have a bunch of girls over, you drink a little wine, a little champagne or both and you just buy some cute shoes and have a great time.”

You can invite your girls over and have your own personalized shopping experience.

Sasha Scott: “The client today specifically asked for mules, so you’ll find that a lot of our styles are open-heel, open-toe. We did bring a couple suggestion pieces, like our flats.”

If there was a fairy godmother of shoe shopping, this is definitely it.

And this one brings the bubbly.

Sipping champagne with your girls while shopping for shoes — what more could a girl want?

Isabella Quinn-Fernandez: “She just makes it all happen for us. It’s magic.”

Cheers to the fairy godmother of shoe shopping!


Shoe Feature
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