Mix and match with Baletti Leather Handbags

If you know Shireen, you know how much she loves purses — but hates having to switch her bag because it’s such a drag. Deco has the solution: one bag that can be worn different ways and go with different things! Well, Deco is baggin’ it, because we’ve found a brand that is answering all of our dreams.

These Baletti handbags are not your typical purses. The Colombian-based line is mixing things up.

Laura Vasquez, founder of Baletti Leather Handbags: “The fun part of the brand is that you can mix and you can create. You can have a mix that will resemble your personality.”

From black and white to bold colors, your bag will be a hit for your night out on the town.

Laura Vasquez: “The design was thought to be very, very versatile, that with just one click you could change and mix and match the covers from one another. For an everyday use, you can dress it up or down, depending on what you need.”

We caught up with one of the brand’s founders at the SLS Brickell, where she showed us Baletti’s bag of tricks.

Laura Vasquez: “You see the bag. You don’t see that it’s interchangeable, but that’s the idea. You just go up, one out, the other out, and then you change it, so it’s really, really fast and easy.”

To snap it back on…

Laura Vasquez: “Just put the safety straps, one, the second safety strap, and that’s it.”

It’s basically like having a couple of bags in one!

Laura Vasquez: “With just one base, you can carry three different covers. You can buy them separately, and then you can change completely the look of the bag.”

The bags range in price from $475 to about $1000, and the covers are $210.

Laura Vasquez: “They’re perfect for those of us who want to change our style without sacrificing time.”

The company also makes wallets and bag straps.


Baletti Leather Handbags

SLS Brickell
1300 South Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33130

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