Mission BBQ near Weston plays national anthem in support of armed forces

Today is Veterans Day, and it’s pretty obvious if you walk into Mission BBQ. This place will have you chowing down on smoked meats while rising up for the USA.

Loudspeaker: “Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in honoring our country.”

Right at noon, like clockwork…

Loudspeaker (singing the national anthem): “…we hail, at the twilight’s last gleaming…”

Customers and employees alike get on their feet to say, “Thank you for your service.”

Bill Leahy, Mission BBQ: “The mission at Mission BBQ is to serve those who serve. We play the national anthem every single day. We shut it down. We stop the kitchen, and we play the national anthem.”

Mission BBQ in the Weston area is kinda like a museum for those in uniform. A delicious, delicious museum.

Bill Leahy: “Anytime you walk into a Mission BBQ, you know where you are.”

They’ve got the soldier’s creed at the drink station, Army and Navy football gear on the wall and a ton of pictures of our armed forces in action.

Master gunnery Sgt. Abiud Montes, U.S. Marine Corps.: “Brings back some memories — good memories — of fellow marines and brothers-in-arms. They do a wonderful job here at making everybody feel appreciated.”

Now about that ‘delicious’ part Lynn mentioned: The food!

Jennifer Cagan, customer: “The food is absolutely amazing.”

Go on…

Bill Leahy: “Barbecue is one of the true only American cuisines.”

And when you think barbecue, you think smoked meats.

Bill Leahy: “The one that stands out the most is our brisket.”

I’m in love.

The brisket comes on a platter or as a sandwich, and speaking of that, take a look at the N.C. style pulled pork.

Bill Leahy: “The folks in Carolina, they’re gonna tell you that you put coleslaw on top of your pork.”

Wash it down with lemonade and iced tea, which are about as American as peach cobbler. Oh, they have that, too!

Mission accomplished!


Mission BBQ
4412 Weston Road
Davie, FL 33331

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