Chris Van Vliet loves him some Jennifer Garner. And Shireen’s sure the feeling is mutual. He’s talked with her twice on Deco in 24 hours. J-Garn fan club president Chris Van Vliet is here with his latest interview.

The film is based on the best-selling book, also called "Miracles From Heaven." Jennifer Garner told me why this movie will make you believe in miracles.

The Beam family is beaming — Mom, Dad and three young daughters. But their world is rocked when one of the girls, Anna, is diagnosed with an incurable disease.

Jennifer Garner was in Miami today, chatting with Deco about taking on the emotional role of a mom dealing with such tragedy.

Chris Van Vliet: "Can you tell me what it was like meeting the family for the first time?"

Jennifer Garner: "I was nervous to meet the family for the first time, because it’s such a bold thing to assume you can play someone, but when you’re offered a job and you’re moved by the story, you have to accept it with the most humility that you possibly can."

Chris Van Vliet: "And I do want to talk about how emotional you get in this film. What kind of mindset do you have to be in throughout the day? Can you just flick a switch and get into it?"

Jennifer Garner: "I wish it was like that. I know with some actresses it’s like that. I wish that I could. You kind of have a flutter in your heart all day knowing those moments are coming and when it’s time to get serious you go have a moment to yourself, and you breathe deep and try to imagine, there are families dealing with this right now and to honor them, I have to imagine that I’m one of them."

Just as doctors are saying there’s nothing they can do, something happens. Anna falls head first into a hollowed out tree. After she is rescued, she is miraculously healed.

The movie takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. And bring some tissues, because you’ll need them for both the sad and the happy moments.

Chris Van Vliet: "You said that you don’t want to show this movie to your kids. Why not?"
Jennifer Garner: "I think that it’s a movie that is appropriate for children. For my children, I think it would be tricky for them to see me as upset as I am in this film."

"Miracles From Heaven" hits theaters tomorrow, a rare Wednesday opening, so parents can take advantage of spring break and take their kids to see it.

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