Laughing at another family’s problems isn’t nice. But it’s easy when you’re laughing at “The Upshaws”.

Mike Epps and Wanda Sykes are dishing with Deco about their new Netflix sitcom.

Mike Epps (as Bennie): “My dad was no good, so it made me do some messed up stuff back in the day.”

Wanda Sykes (as Lucretia): “Back in the day? Negro, you did some messed up stuff this morning.”

It’s hard out there for “The Upshaws”.

Deco talked with the show’s big three, Mike Epps, Wanda Sykes and Kim Fields, about their imperfectly perfect sitcom family.

Mike Epps: “The Upshaws is a loving dysfunctional family that I think people are going to love, I think people are going to understand.”

There’s no East Coast-West Coast humor here. “The Upshaws” are Indiana crazy, through and through.

Mike Epps: “‘Cause you never see shows in places like Indianapolis, Iowa, Springfield, Illinois. You know, sometimes you get some of the craziest characters out of these places.”

Fields pulls double-duty on the sitcom. She’s married to Mike.

Kim Fields (as Regina): “I do not believe you.”

She’s also Wanda Sykes’ sister.

Kim Fields (as Regina): “Damn, I never thought I’d get Me Too’d by my own sister.”

The sibling stuff was a piece of cake for Kim.

Kim Fields: “And we seem to just immediately became that, you know, like we’d always been that way.”

As brother and sister-in-law, Mike and Wanda go at it all the time.

Mike Epps (as Bennie): “What are you doing sniffing around here? No one called in a bomb. Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

Their relationship might remind you of another pair of battling in-laws.

Wanda Sykes: “Mike and I, we have a love for “Sandford and Son” and that Fred Sandford-Aunt Esther relationship, so we wanted to give a little nod to that relationship.”

Wanda and Mike are determined to keep things real between their characters.
Which means more laughs for them and for us.

Wanda Sykes: “We wanted it to be organic in the relationship and it’s so much fun doing that with Mike.”

“The Upshaws” premieres on Netflix next Wednesday.

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