Midtown Creamery offers spooky treats for Halloween

Halloween is around the corner which, for some people, is about spooky costumes. For others it’s about sweet candy, but for us here at Deco Drive it’s about … spooky and sweet treats.

Midtown Creamery in Miami is serving up some spook-tacular ideas for Halloween. From bat-themed cups to a pumpkin spice milk shake, to their over the top Halloween cones, the ice cream tastes and looks cool too.

Andrew Rodriguez, owner: “For Halloween Midtown Creamery has come up with a lot of things. We’ve come up with some Halloween-themed bubble waffles, some spooky ones, some fun ones, milkshakes — all sorts of neat stuff.”

The mix of a black waffle or black bubble cone, and their ice cream can turn your snack into a coffee and pumpkin spice flavored ghoul, or even a mint chocolate tasting Frankenstein.

Midtown Creamery’s Halloween treats start at $8 and are available through Oct. 31.

Midtown Creamery
2690 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33137
(786) 536-2281

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