Michael B. Jordan is out for revenge in action-thriller ‘Without Remorse’

Ever wanted to get sweet, sweet revenge? Of course you have. Michael B. Jordan is out for revenge in the new action-thriller “Without Remorse.”

You don’t wanna mess with Michael B. Jordan.

In “Without Remorse,” Navy SEAL John Clark is seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife, when he uncovers a plot that could wage all-out war between the United States and Russia.

Alex Miranda: “This character is so layered. The story is so layered.”

Michael B. Jordan: “All factual. This was by far the most intense, and physically and mentally exhausting movie that I’ve been a part of.”

It’s John’s origin story, based on the 1993 Tom Clancy book.

Michael B. Jordan: “I think revenge was the only way to go.”

But is it ever the right way to go?

Michael B. Jordan: “I mean, that’s why we have movies like this, right? I think sometimes success is the best revenge. That’s kind of how I look at it.”

Then that’s some sweet revenge!

Lauren London play’s John’s late wife, but this more than a role for her. Her partner, rapper Nipsey Hustle, was killed in 2019.

Lauren London: “I felt that with my personal experience, I could actually give something honest to this movie, and that is exactly why I chose to be a part of it.”

John stops at nothing for payback, but for Lauren, it’s…

Lauren London: “Being a mom, actually. I have two sons, and they come before any and everything.”

Jodie Turner-Smith seconds that.

Jodie Turner-Smith: “Oh, my God, parenting!”

She plays Lt. Cmdr. Karen Greer.

Jodie Turner-Smith: “I just love that she wasn’t there to be arm candy, that she was this fierce and passionate and loyal and strong woman.”

But, she added, stopping at nothing is kinda her thing.

Jodie Turner-Smith: “You do what it takes, because you want to do the best that you can.”

And Jamie Bell steps into CIA Officer Robert Ritter’s shoes.

Jamie Bell: “He’s not just in D.C. He’s not just behind a curtain and pulling strings. He’s very much on the front line with John as well.”

You probably remember Jamie from the dancing drama “Billy Elliot,” but these days, his wife, actress Kate Mara, is trying to get him into some TikTok dancing shoes.

Jamie Bell: “She said, like, ‘Well, can you do this one?’ And I’ve been, like, ‘Easy!’ And then I’ve been like [moves], ‘Oh, [expletive]! How do you do that?'”

“Without Remorse” starts streaming on Prime Video on Friday.

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