Miami’s own Social Club Misfits drop new EP

Miami’s produced some big musical acts over the years, and “Social Club Misfits” are the latest.

The two SoFlo rappers dropped their latest EP, “The Misfit Generation.” The faith-based release is rocketing up the Christian charts, spreading a positive vibe any music fan will dig.

Marty and Fern make up Social Club Misfits. While hanging at Andrew’s Living Arts Studio in Fort Lauderdale, the duo told Deco working together was an obvious choice.

Marty: “We connected; we just had a really good work ethic. The whole vibe of our relationship, of just having the same vision, wanting to put out good music.”

The guys met at a Miami radio station in 2011. Their solo careers were history from that moment on.

Fern: “When I heard him, I liked it, and I just knew it was gonna work. It wasn’t something like, ‘Why is this happening. How is it happening?'”

All their songs have a common aim: to bring people together.

Marty: “We always say we make music you’re not embarrassed to show your friends. You know, music that has a positive message, and that’s who we are.”

Like any act, Social Club Misfits paid some dues to keep their dreams alive. That struggle isn’t lost on them.

Fern: “We’ve been through a lot, and we just felt, if we were to ever get the chance to spread a message, we would pay it forward.”

Keeping up with current musical trends is not something that concerns Social Club Misfits.

Marty: “It’s kinda opposite of what you hear on the radio. We make music that kinda supports and encourages people to live their best life.”

If that message means a longer road to big-time success, Marty and Fern are cool with it.

Fern: “We don’t get involved in senseless politics that’s gonna take us nowhere. We’re about real life, real relationships, real commitments, with real life, real things.”

They feel a special connection to their fans, who’ve been with them every step of the way…

Marty: “We call them ‘misfits.’ That’s, like, our message, you know. We feel like we’re here to reach people who might not necessarily fit in.”

Even if they conquer the world, Marty and Fern will never lose their connection to South Florida … and a certain entertainment news show.

Fern: “Shout-out to Shireen Sandoval, shout-out to Lynn Martinez, shout-out to the whole squad. Been watching y’all for years. I love y’all. Y’all keep us tuned in to everything.”

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